Camp Visit.

Screen Shot 07-16-16 at 08.51 PM I went to visit the 13 YR old at Cadets camp. My hubby, the 15 YR old, the 17 YR old,and the 21 YR old’s friend also came. We stayed for over 2 HRS during visiting HRS and she told us everything she’s been doing and she seemed so happy , bubbly, energetic, and enthusiastic, and I’m so glad. She’s made lots of friends, such a big group it’s even a clique,and she’s enjoying herself and I’m just so happy as I was worried she’d be all alone, crying herself to sleep at night. She told us funny and entertaining stories about adventures at camp and other campers, and about how they were in the woods and got ticks on them they had to pick off so they wouldn’t get Lyme disease, and I brought her the aloe vera gel for her sunburn and a couple of taffy sticks that she loves and I noticed as well lots of parents had brought their kids food,too! The 17 and 15 YR olds also ran into alot of their friends at the camp as well, both campers and counsellors, and it was nice seeing the 13 YR old again as I hadn’t seen her in a week and I missed her( she has another week left to go) and it was nostalgic for me as well, reminding me of camp when I was a kid,too.

The pool is even more green now since it’s been so hot lately as well so I put in 5 packets of powder chlorine for a super-shock so I’ll see how that goes in clearing it up, and they had fireworks last night and it was so close and so loud it woke both Buddy and I up, and I also heard a loud “bang!” in my bedroom in the middle of the night too that sounded like a gunshot and then smelled a bad smell, and I wondered if my A/C was burning but it was still running,and then I wondered, groggy and still half-asleep, if I had somehow been shot and died since I didn’t feel any pain…..but then I just rolled over and went back to sleep…..and then later in the morning when I got up I found a “bomb bag” on my floor so I figured the 21 YR old had opened my door during the night and tossed it in(I know he has them) to freak  me out, that’s what the loud “bang!” and bad smell was….