Screen Shot 07-13-16 at 09.42 AM My hubby and I are complete and total opposites. We like different things, are interested in different things, have different talents, different interests and hobbies, and everything about us is the exact opposite. In fact, the only thing that we had in common is that we both wanted kids. We both wanted to have a family so we got together. That, plus neither of us could do any better( in finding a mate).One thing we DO have in common though is we both love to read.It’s weird how totally opposite we really are though, and here are some examples:

We were even brought up differently: he was raised in a large family with several siblings, I was an only child. I was raised privileged and never wanted for anything and always had the best of everything, whereas his family wasn’t so fortunate financially. I was brought up with culture and he’s, well, a redneck.

I speak several languages but he really only speaks English and a bit of faltering French.

His strengths are math and sciences but I’m clueless when it comes to them, and I excel at history, languages, and geography, which he has no interest in.

I have travelled extensively and have been to 35 countries so far …..he’s only been to 2 others: USA and Mexico.

He likes sports and I HATE them and consider them redneck, low-class and a waste of time.

I love culture and the Arts: music, the theatre, the ballet, the opera, whereas he thinks they’re boring and pretentious.

He’s really, really smart…..I mean, REALLY super smart, and me……not so much….and he never misses an opportunity to lord it over me and to constantly remind me of my intellectual deficits.

I LOVE shopping and could spend HRS wandering around the mall, in fact, I could have my mail delivered there as my second home when I lived in the city, but he hates shopping and just wants to get it done and over with as quickly as possible, like a Commando mission; get in and out as fast as he can.

I love the water and love swimming but he’s deathly terrified of the water, can’t swim, and stays as far away from water as he can, but I spend practically all summer in the water.

I am very religious and I love my Jesus and he scoffs at my faith and belittles my dedication to church and ridicules my strong relationship with God and my efforts trying to raise the kids in faith.

I love the sun and being tanned and spend all day outside but he’s perfectly content staying a pasty white boy all summer.

He likes redneck things like wrestling,hockey,darts,and UFC that appeal to the lowest common denominator and I can’t stand it.

He likes redneck country music and it’s the only music that I can’t stand. It makes my ears bleed and I’d rather cut my ears off than listen to it.

I love Reggae and he hates it and calls it my “Stoner music.”

I think music lessons are important for kids and he thinks it’s a waste of money.

I loved living in the city and city life and I really miss it but he doesn’t and he prefers living in the country but I hate it…..I mean, I really hate it.


It’s hard to believe we’re still together after 28 YRS, isn’t it?


Screen Shot 07-17-16 at 02.44 PM Here I am, enjoying the summer. Our pool is also *STILL* green, despite trying this “fool-proof” method my hubby found from a pool expert where you alternate back-washing for 2 minutes and filter setting for 1 minute the pool pump over 12 minutes and do this cycle 4 times in a day supposed to clear it all up nice and clear and blue.. ha ha……..I did that…..it’s still green. Things NEVER work for us though so what do you expect?