The Camera.

Screen Shot 07-18-16 at 12.41 PM This is the 15 YR

old’s new camera. It was supposed to be 600$ but she got it for 200$. She used all her own $$$$ that she’d saved up as well so it’s really all hers. That’s an incredible feat for her,too,as this is a kid that always spends all her $$$$ and goes into debt. It’s a really good camera as well with a great zoom and she can use it for her Instagram photos, for pictures for her blog, for her endless fabulous “Selfies”, for her YouTube videos, etc. It’s a really nice camera so I hope she takes good care of it. The 18 YR old also phoned me last night all the way from Alberta(long-distance!) just to “scold” me on why my blog post was late; he said I normally post it around the same time and he was waiting for the new post and it was late! The 9 YR old also is going to another Bible Camp all this week at another church, it’s like he’s “church-hopping”, but it’s all from the same Bible, and the kids are now caught up in the new “Pokemon Go” craze now too that’s been sweeping the globe, and that just was released here in this country over the weekend.

One of the kids’ friends(I’m not going to say who, or which friend as she doesn’t want her dad to find out, probably afraid he’ll beat her ass) also was pulled over by a cop as she arrived to visit; she was caught texting and driving and got a whopping 490$ fine!Naughty girl! Hopefully now she’s learned her lesson, but I can’t help but wonder too if the cop was pre-judging her (like how they do seeing black people and pull them over and “card” them based on their skin colour) seeing a young, attractive, sassy, rich girl with her own car and decided to make an “example” out of her and to make her “pay”….holy shit though, that’s alot of $$$$ and I couldn’t even afford to pay it! I’m glad I don’t drive! I don’t need that shit in my life.

One of the 17 YR old’s friends also came over and parked his bike in the back yard and he saw me swimming in the pool and he probably thought at first it was a hippo in the water(ha,ha) and he’s moving to Washington before the summer ends; his father’s a top pilot in the airforce and has even flown the Prime Minister! ……Wow…The 17 YR old’s also taking a university history course by correspondance(she shares my love of history, yay!)

Screen Shot 07-18-16 at 03.51 PM This is also my friend in Brazil’s baby, now 2 months old. Isn’t she just the cutest, sweetest, most *ADORABLE* little peanut ever? Too cute! The 13 YR old also thought “Black Flag Day” at camp( when it’s really hot and they get bused to meals instead of having to march) was called “Black PLAGUE Day” and our family is legendary at the Cadets camp,too, esp. the girls and everyone says to her, “Oh, you’re so-and-so’s sister!” and then she automatically becomes popular! My hubby snarked to me as well, “Don’t waste my time!” when I wasn’t doing something fast enough for him; he’s always so dismissive and condescending, but what can HE say about *me* wasting HIS time when HE’S wasted MY *LIFE*?

We had the pool water tested as well and it registered ZERO chlorine even though we’ve dumped LOADS into it(and the water’s still green)likely due to the sun “burning” it all off since it’s been so hot and now my hubby says he’s no longer putting any more $$$$ into it and not buying any more “shock” or any other chemicals for it, that it’s just a “waste” of $$$$ when it’s still green and I’m the only one that’ll swim in it(even though I swim in it every day) and my mother says it’s just a “money pit” and we’re not even going to open it next YR because only *I* use it and it’s not “worth” it for just me and it’s a “waste” of $$$$,and he says we should just fill it up with dirt.So I guess that *I* get lots of use out of it means nothing. I don’t count for anything.