So Hot!!

Screen Shot 07-22-16 at 03.41 PM Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa. What a hunk! He’s even hotter than the hot summer weather we’ve been having! Lisa Bonet is a VERY lucky woman! Can you imagine coming home to THIS every night? That face, that body……good LORD….

The Prank.

Screen Shot 07-21-16 at 10.56 AM The kids played a prank on

the 13 YR old when she comes back home from Cadets camp later today: they festooned her entire bedroom all in yellow tissue-paper!Everything is all covered up, like how painters would put drop-cloths all over furniture before painting.I wonder what she’ll think and how she’ll react, if she’ll think it’s funny and laugh, or be mad? The 17 and 21 YR olds also rushed out and bought cell phones so they could play the new Pokemon Go app craze and they needed 3 forms of ID, incl. a photo ID…..just to buy a PHONE! It’s not like they were buying uranium, rocket fuel, components to build a bomb, or a machine gun or something….it’s JUST A PHONE! What the f*ck, man? You need less ID to purchase a GUN in USA! It’s so ridiculous and Facsist how this country has become, a real Police State! Now they’ll also have to pay 90$ a month in cell phone fees as this country has the highest cell phone rates in the world. Yikes! Luckily they both have jobs.

Screen Shot 07-21-16 at 11.27 AM My new shoes also came! I was so surprised as I wasn’t expecting them until the end of August! They fit perfectly and I LOVE it! The bottoms are made of wood and the tops are leather and they’re made in Italy and are exactly like the ones I had back in the 70’s so it brings back so many happy memories for me. They’re exercise sandals,too, so when I walk they strengthen my calf muscles! We’re having another heat-wave as well, and it’s so hot and humid the air was so “thick” that I was having trouble breathing and felt suffocated and had to come inside. The guy who bought the house behind us also yelled at me when I had Buddy out for a walk on our lawn and told me to “Have my dog crap somewhere else” and I told him I was on my OWN property so I can walk him there if I WANT and I showed him my poop baggies so he knows I pick up after him! Shit! People here are soooo RUDE!

Screen Shot 07-21-16 at 08.23 AM One of my friends from our old church’s daughter also had her first baby,a  boy, at just 31 weeks( so that’s 9 weeks early) and he only weighed 2 pounds 8 oz! She’s seen here holding him. I’ve never seen a baby so small! He’ll have to spend at least 2 months in the hospital.He looks like a little doll!

MGrandson Here is my friend holding him. Our now 18 YR old was a preemie too, born at 35 weeks, 5 weeks early but he was 5 pounds 5 oz, not as small as this tiny little guy, but hopefully with today’s modern medical technology he can survive and grow without any long term lasting complications.

I also heard the radio DJ say he went out with a girl once who liked redneck country music but that it was a deal-breaker as if they ended up married he’d “have to listen to that crap all the time” and it was hilarious but I totally agree,  and I was talking to my hubby and my mother interrupts and starts talking to him over me and then when he couldn’t hear my hubby goes, “I can’t hear you because———— won’t stop talking!” and I told them, “Excuse ME! *I* was talking FIRST!” I can’t believe the way my family disregards me and treats me. I feel like a second-class citizen in my own family.