The Rescue Mission.

Screen Shot 07-21-16 at 10.55 AM 002 I enlisted my hubby to help me with a rescue mission: the mission: to rescue Patti’s patio furniture and wardrobe that was left behind at her old house after she’d moved(she’ll be convalesing at the hospital until September) and that her kids were too lazy to come back and get, and that was just being left behind for the new people when they move in on 1 August. It was causing poor Patti a great deal of distress; she told me how stressed out, upset, and worried she was over the whole thing so I decided to help her out( because I’m a good friend like that). I had the idea to go over to her old house and “rescue” the left-behind items and store them here for her until they can be set up at her new place, so that’s what we did.Luckily for me there was a workman working on the house when we showed up and he told me to just go in and get what I needed.

As it turns out, there’s no room at her new apt. to put them yet as all the furniture’s all piled up in the middle of one room as it still has to be renovated and painted so we have the patio furniture outside in our backyard and the wardrobe in our shed. My mother scoffed why do *I* have to help her; doesn’t she have FAMILY that can do that but her family are assholes just like my family are, and besides, what’s so wrong about *helping* someone out,and isn’t that what friends DO? My hubby also said  we didn’t have room for the wardrobe and said to just give it away to Goodwill but I told him off; first of all it’s NOT ours to give away, it’s Patti’s and it’s important to her. She was very happy and relieved when I told her we recovered the items for her and it took alot of stress off of her as well.

As well, she’s really worried about her dog which is at one of her son’s house as they have 2 other dogs, big dogs, and they all get fed out of the same bowl and the others dogs gobble it all up and her poor little Dachshund hardly gets any and now she’s so thin and her grandson said the dog cries all the time,too, and I would take care of her for her if I could except my mother and hubby forbid it, not wanting 2 dogs running around, only ever thinking about themselves and never anyone else, not caring to help someone out, even though I’d be the one looking after her, feeding and walking her and Buddy would love the company, and the 13 and 15 YR olds would take turns having her sleep in their beds.I feel badly for her and that I’m not able to help her out by caring for her dog but at least I WAS able to alleviate her burden a bit by rescuing her forgotten furniture!

Screen Shot 07-22-16 at 02.20 PM It’s still sooooo sweltering hot as well it feels like my FACE is melting,  and I found out that the second-oldest’s friend C from when they were teens is getting married: she’s marrying the manager at Dairy Queen…..she sure aims “high”( ha,ha) but I guess what’s really important is that they love eachother and they’re happy. I saw a movie called, “Hello, My Name Is Doris” as well and the main character reminded me so much of myself, too: a homely, oddball middle-aged woman who fantasizes about love.

Screen Shot 07-12-16 at 09.53 PM I also had my hubby make me a Che Guevara T-shirt using this poster image onto a red T-shirt with his T-shirt transfer thingy(Viva la revolution!) I guess I’ll still always be a little bit Marxist(ok, well maybe more than a little….), and I also found my old friend and neighbour A from Ottawa on Facebook:he’s a corporate lawyer now and lives in Hamilton and got married 3 YRS ago to a Taiwanese woman he met in Taiwan 8 YRS ago where they were both teaching. I wasn’t sure if he’d still remember me but he did and he even remembered that my Chihuahua bit him some 29 YRS ago!

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