The Chemicals.

Screen Shot 07-24-16 at 07.13 PM All these chemicals went into the pool over a 2-3 day period…..and look! It’s no longer green, but blue! Success! We *FINALLY* got rid of the algae and green “swamp” water and now the water’s nice clear and blue, like in the Caribbean! Yahoo!I honestly never thought we’d get it cleared up and that we’d just be stuck with green water forever, that it was just something we’d have to live with. We went to a different pool place in another town instead of our usual half-assed one here and they gave us different advice and my hubby said he must have easily spent around 1000$ on chemicals….but it finally WORKED! I was the only one who’d even swim in it when it was green, and it was just like swimming in lemon-lime Kool-Aid! I don’t care though, I’ve swam in worse(Lake Ontario that I’ve re-named Lake Toilet) and it’s still cold, wet, and refreshing in the heat! Now it just keeps getting bluer right before my very eyes!

Screen Shot 07-25-16 at 04.26 PM 001 Now the water is all nice the kids are finally  going in, and here is the 17 YR old and a couple of her friends. Now they’re even planning on having a pool party with all their friends combined,too! After I swim I always have a headache as well and I can’t figure out if it’s because I get too much sun or if it’s from all the flips and handstands that I always do in the pool. When I was a kid I liked to pretend I was a mermaid too but now as I float I imagine that I’m Ophelia drowning herself or when I’m under water I pretend that I’m a hippo cooling off. I also got what I thought was a piece of glass in my foot at the bottom and it was embedded deep in there for 3 days and I couldn’t get it out and every step I took it really hurt and it went in even more but I finally dug around using a pin, nail clippers and tweezers and it wasn’t glass afterall but a huge sliver the size of my baby fingernail! I got it out and it had started to feel better but then the band-aid kept coming off and it got infected so now it hurts again.

Another cousin in Europe also fell off his mountain bike and broke his elbow and had surgery yesterday as they had to “pin” it, and and I found another old friend and neighbour S from Ottawa(that used to live next-door to us) on Facebook and found out her mother died last YR from cancer, and I heard from A again,too, and he said his sister is a doctor now and lives in Smiths Falls, his mother is doing well other than a few health issues, his father is retired now( he was an engineer) and Auntie is now 97 and lives in a “Home” but still has a sharp mind. She was always so sweet and I just adored her and she also made the BEST turkey stuffing that I’ve ever tasted!