Canada’s Shame.

Screen Shot 07-29-16 at 08.19 AM This country has many shames but one in particular: the way it treats it’s Native People. Not only the shameful past of the Residential schools where native children(some even as young as 4 YRS old!) were forcibly removed from their homes, families,and communities, and forced into gov’t-run residential schools to be forced to abandon their Native language and culture and adapt to English ways and where countless of them were abused both physically and sexually, with many of them dying. It’s a disgrace, and the Native People were here FIRST, they are the only REAL, true Canadians, the rest of us are really all immigrants when you really think about it.European settlers just came in and took over and either killed the Indians or forced them onto reservations and stole their land.

The Native communities were also put on reservations where they live in poverty, hopelessness, despair, and squalor, in Third World conditions, many with no electricity, indoor plumbing, or clean drinking water.It’s hard to believe that living conditions like  this exist here in Canada but they do. They live in run-down shacks( as seen in the photo here) that have insufficient heat for the cold harsh winters and the education that Native children receive is substandard and inferior compared to the rest of the country,and with less gov’t $$$$$ being put into it and into other programs. The Native communities also often more so than not also lack the typical community standards such as community centres, YMCA’s, libraries, and the like and the cost of food is way more expensive compared to the rest of the country as well.

Living conditions on the reserves are horrendous, and with such abject poverty, despair, limited education or job prospects there is a very high rate of alcoholism, substance abuse,and suicide, much higher than the national average, and there is also a disportionately high amount of murdered and missing Aboriginal women that the RCMP just aren’t taking that seriously or looking into in the same way that they would if the crimes occurred in other non-Native communities.

Basically, the gov’t has been screwing-over the Natives for centuries and continues to do so. There is also rampant racism and discrimination towards Native people, such as the average Canadian thinking that they’re all “lazy Indians” or “deserve” to live in poverty, or that they “sponge off” the gov’t, or are all a bunch of drunks, etc. and their communities face challenges in trying to advance in education and career prospects in trying to better themselves and their community standards and it would seem that the gov’t wants to hold them back and oppress them, keeping them in subjection, poverty, and at a disadvantage. The way this country treats it’s Aboriginal people is shameful and a national disgrace.Canada sucks!!