Trump Or Clinton?

Screen Shot 07-30-16 at 07.20 PM 001 I have never followed the US elections like I am now. Normally I just hear who ends up their President and that’s it, or maybe the odd time I’ll hear who the final two are but nothing more yet this time around it’s become so unbelievable, such a circus, like the Gong Show back in the 70’s as only the 2 worst possible candidates are left standing only I’m not quite sure WHICH one is worse, they’re both so bad! It’s like choosing the lesser of two evils, but who’s worse? That’s hard to tell as they both such bad choices and they’re both so awful in different ways! The way I see it is choosing between Trump or Clinton is like deciding which STD is best for you, or choosing whether you’d rather eat the turd or the diarrhrea; they’re both shit!

I never liked Hillary Clinton even from before as she’s a Femi-nazi and pro-abortion and  even her voice grates on my nerves(and by God, she even has a bitch-face!) and I used to think Donald Trump was ok before and I even admired that he says what he thinks and stands up against Political Correctness but once I found out that he’s a racist and anti-immigration and wants to keep out Muslims and Mexicans I quickly changed my mind about him.Now I think he’s a twat-waffle and an asshat. Racism is one thing I will NOT tolerate and the longer the election goes on the more I can see what a weiner he really is.

Screen Shot 07-29-16 at 08.20 AM As for Clinton, she is also very corrupt and she lies, not to mention the Benghazi and e-mail scandals,. and people that have opposed her or spoken up against her have mysteriously died or at least died under mysterious circumstances, has received funding and favours from dubious sources, and then there’s the whole Bernie Sanders( he’s the one I’d hoped would win) thing where her people sabotaged his campaign in her favour so that she’d become the nominee……simply put, she’s dishonest and she can’t be trusted and 70% of Americans polled said that they don’t trust her. The good thing in her favour is at least she’s not a racist and she’s certainly more professional,tactful,and diplomatic than Trump is and there would be more stability in the American economy, with global trading partners and diplomacy if she were Prez as opposed to Trump who’s brash, offensive, and less likely to work well  with others.

As for Trump, he’s basically a loud-mouth, a boor, racist, offensive,undiplomatic, uncompromising,arrogant, and a loose-cannon,certainly not a stable level-headed person you’d want as a world leader even though he does have extensive business experience, he’s just too hot-headed to be entrusted to run a country! The good would be that he’s honest, unlike Clinton, at least with him you know he means what he says and what you see is what you get, and he’d be a break from the usual political elite establishment.

I’m not American but even if I were I wouldn’t vote for either of these clowns and even though it’s not this country what happens in USA DOES affect this country; it’s like if USA sneezes we get a cold,too, so here people have been keeping a close watch on the election and they mention it on the TV news every night to keep everyone well informed. I have no idea who will win, I think it could go either way, and regardless it won’t be good….

A thought though: if Clinton wins…..then WHO will be the First Lady? Hmmmmm…..I have nothing against a female President, just not HER personally!( Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi were good female leaders!) I think she’s a c*nt and that’s not a word I use lightly.