Screen Shot 08-02-16 at 07.46 PM 001 I have seen several

memes on the InterNet lately based off of the “Arthur” the aardvark characters and I’ve posted a few of them here.I found these ones on Twitter. I think they’re pretty funny, which is generally the whole idea for a meme in the first place.

Screen Shot 08-02-16 at 07.46 PM I read an article, however, that the character’s creator, Marc Brown, is angry over the whole thing and doesn’t like the way his characters are being used in “vulgar” ways portraying drug use and the like. He’s mad and says they are intended to “entertain children” and he doesn’t see the humour in the memes. It appears that someone doesn’t have a sense of humour.

But it gets worse.

Screen Shot 08-02-16 at 07.45 PM He blames BLACK PEOPLE and says “Black people ruin everything!” Now, I don’t know whether or not black people started the whole Arthur meme thing or not, but regardless…… if he really actually DID say that then he sounds like a racist asshole! What a horrible thing to say!

Screen Shot 08-02-16 at 07.42 PM If it were me, and my characters were being used, I would be flattered,afterall, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s like Weird Al with his song parodies. Besides, it brings publicity,and will revive the characters that were popular some 20 YRS or so back. Someone needs to lighten up. Maybe he should go smoke a big fatty and just chill out? 🙂