3 Years.

Screen Shot 08-06-16 at 02.27 PM In just 3 more days the second-oldest will be returning after living and working in Japan for the past 3 YRS. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long already the time has gone by so fast! She went there right after she graduated university and has been teaching English there. She doesn’t know what she’ll be doing career-wise once she returns home or which city she’ll settle down in, but nothing can compare to the adventure she’d had over there and she must be so disappointed that it’s ending and will soon be over and to have to come back to this shit-hole. Going to Japan was her life-long dream and she was lucky enough to be able to fulfill and nothing else will ever compare, or live up to that.

My grandmother’s nephew has been teaching in South Korea(where my BFF is from!)for several YRS now. When his 3 YR term was up he re-newed it again as he decided he wanted to stay on and remain there and not return back here. I can understand that completely. This place sucks and after living abroad, travelling,and being absorbed in other cultures it would be a real let-down coming back here. Who knows though, perhaps she’ll take up a similar offer elsewhere and go off to another far-off country to teach again for a few more YRS? Who knows where life will take her next, afterall, she’s only 25…..

As well, my mother always insists that the 9 YR old wears sunscreen in the pool but she doesn’t care if the other kids do,and about her obsession with him I said, “Everything’s always about———– all the time!” and she smirked, “That’s RIGHT! I’m glad you finally realize it!” It’s so bizarre though, her obsession with him and the way she fawns all over him, coddles him, over-indulges him,excuses him,pampers him, and “jumps” to serve him; there’s always one of the kids that she favours and focuses on and caters to; it used to be the second-oldest but then she grew up and moved away and then she turned her favouritism onto the youngest,and then she twisted it around and said I’m “obsessed” with Buddy,too, just because I love him and I’m kind to him and because finally someone(Buddy)loves ME.Her and my hubby accuse me I love him more than the kids too….but HE loves ME more than THEY do, and he treats me better than they do,too!

I hit my head in the pool as well so now I’ll be even more stunned and out of focus than usual….ha,ha….