Every Day.

Screen Shot 08-06-16 at 07.38 PM I got to enjoy this delicious fettuccine Alfredo that was take-out from East Side Mario’s. The guys went there to eat and they have this special for 3 weeks where if you dine in you get a free meal to take home so they brought back my mother and I fettuccine! Yum! It reminds me that I try to find small pleasures and small joys in every day, I try to look forward to something each day to try and combat my depression, even the tiniest thing I try to find joy in even the simple pleasures to keep me going and it seems to be working well.

Examples of things I try to find joy in in every day life would be reading a magazine, watching a TV show, enjoying a smoke, having a good swim, finding clothes for my Miitomo character, savouring a good meal, enjoying the outdoors, reading a good book, hearing from an old friend, enjoying a treat like a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, finding an item I was looking for, grooving to good music, hearing good news, etc. I try to make sure that I can find at least one good , positive thing in each day, at least one small thing that brings me joy every day, something good in that day, no matter how bad the day may have been otherwise, I try to focus on something positive.

As well, I was floating on a raft in the pool and I joked I was a hippofloatamus or a floatapotamus, and my hubby and some of the kids were at a BBQ yesterday and he was cutting it close to being late coming back to drive me to church and just got back at the last minute before I was set to leave and I’m convinced he purposely waited until the last minute so I’d be waiting and worrying, fretting, and stressed-out not knowing if he would be on time to drive me or not, just to make me a nervous wreck,knowing my anxiety would eat away at me, and my fave. priest was there this week,too, so I did a confession and I bet he’ll never see me the same way again and I can just imagine him now every time he sees me picturing me with my sex toy and hitting the bong! When I go to Heaven I also want to light up the sky like a flame! I want to go out with a bang!!