The Rafts.

Screen Shot 08-08-16 at 03.14 PM The 15 YR old and I were floating around the pool on these rafts. It was the most tranquil, peaceful, relaxing thing ever. We just stretched out, soaked up the sun, and looked up at the sky,and you could just *feel* all the stress and tension melting away. I kid you not, it was the most awesomest thing ever and the best medicine. I highly recommend it. This is the life! I felt like the idle rich, lounging by the pool but it was incredible and I imagined I was back in the Caribbean floating in the ocean as a warm tropical breeze passes over me. It’s like a small piece of Heaven on earth . Aaaaahhhhhh!!

The 17 YR old, 15 YR old, and even the 13 YR old also said that boys have texted them showing them that they’re interested in them and they’ve been “hit on” in other ways and cat-called as well and it grosses them out but if it were me I would be flattered that  guys actually like me; it’s a compliment, they think you’re attractive, and I’ve never had that, don’t know what it’s like and what I wouldn’t give to have that experience. I know it’s something that most females DO encounter but I honestly never have and it hurts. Even just once I would like it if a guy cat-called me, “hit” on me, or made a “move” on me.

As well, some rednecks up the street were fighting and yelling so LOUD it sounded like it was coming from right next door and it was 3 women and I could hear, “You f*cking WHORE! You slept with my husband! You c*ck sucker!” etc.. and it was so loud I echoed and sounded like it was in surround sound and made me think of Phil Spector and his Wall Of Sound! It was like one of those trashy Reality TV shows like “Big Brother” or “Jersey Shore” playing out live right on our street; it could be called “Loserville” or “Skankville” or something,and that’s the difference between rednecks and normal respectable people: normal people fight inside their homes, in privacy, but the rednecks do it out in the open, right in the middle of the street for the entire neighbourhood to hear!

Screen Shot 08-08-16 at 03.14 PM 001 Here is also a cute photo I took of Buddy just chillin’ out on the backyard porch. The 13 YR old says she doesn’t like it that I “treat him like a person” but he’s my BABY; how am I *supposed* to treat him? How does she expect me to treat someone that I love? He’s my best friend!  I think it’s stupid as well that in USA Kinder eggs are banned( as little kids can choke on the small parts on the toy inside the chocolate egg) yet they DO allow machine guns which ARE legal, but Kinder eggs are only a hazard if people are stupid enough to swallow the toy, so it’s sort of like Natural Selection at work, nature’s culling, or thinning the herd eliminating stupid people, but machine guns can easily kill lots of people,anyone, and several at once, thru no fault of their own. It’s insane!