Screen Shot 08-09-16 at 03.56 PM Yesterday I got my passport photos taken, as seen here, also known as my mug shot. My old passport expires soon and I have to get a new one. Now we have a 10 YR option instead of the usual 5 YR one so I’ll be getting that even though it costs close to 200$ but it lasts longer and so  less hassle less often. The lady taking the photo had to keep re-doing it as it was soooo hot (32 C) and I kept sweating, with beads of sweat on my forehead, making a “glare” in the photo which they reject on passport photos as they’re sooooo picky, so she went over to the cosmetics counter and got me some blotting powder and a mirror and I went to work touching up my face to mask the shine. I felt like I was a model getting ready for my photo-shoot……except for the fact that I’m fugly, and I look like a man, and passport photos are notoriously hideous,and you can clearly see my turkey-neck….ugh… you’re not allowed to smile or show any facial expression,either, and have to look so stern, but as passport photos go I guess it turned out ok. It’s good you can’t see my hands though as with the heat and my fluid retention they’re so puffy my knuckles now look like dimples and my left lower leg and ankle’s all swollen,too.

I also went to the lab for blood work and even though I had booked an app’t online I was waiting…..and waiting….and waiting….and after forever I went back up to the reception and told them I’d had an app’t something like 25 minutes ago and did they “forget” about me, so they checked and somehow they’d misplaced my paper and it was mistakenly put in the wrong pile hidden underneath something so I kept waiting to be called and I never would have been had I not gone up and said something….and then when I finally WAS called in after that they said the test( for the aldosterone level) had to be done in the morning, 2 HRS after I get up and before 10 am( it was now around 1 pm) so I have to go BACK again another day and have it done……so I just had the other blood work done since I was already there.

It figures.

It was another one of those days. I have them ALOT. Why DO these things ALWAYS happen to ME? I am a living, walking, talking Murphy’s Law. I feel like a jinx.