Screen Shot 08-11-16 at 04.26 PM This photo was taken just after I’d smoked pot, so now you know what I look like after, but it WORKS! I haven’t had a migraine now in almost a YEAR!

Today was soooo oppressively unbearably HOT as well it was 33 C and with the humidity it actually felt like 42 C and when we were in Egypt it was 42 C and it felt like my eyes were melting in their sockets….BUT, I’m not going to complain as in just 3 more short months it’s going to be *winter* and we’ll have SNOW, and we’ll wish we HAD the hot summer back! Besides, I just see it as it’s hot and tropical and pretend that I’m back in the Caribbean.

Today being so hot I had a nap in the afternoon, but partly also because I  didn’t sleep well last night as I kept waking up due to my annoying stuffy and runny nose and I was coughing too….so it must be a cold(ugh! and who gets a cold in SUMMER?) and everything just felt so heavy, tired, weak,and “spent” so I laid down and slept with Buddy curled up beside me and the A/C cranked up. I had a siesta, like they do in hot countries in the afternoon during the hottest time of the day and it’s too hot to work.

Today I also went swimming to cool off, only minus the youngest today because his goggles broke and now he’s all pissed-off. Being under water and being so bouyant  reminds me of flying as well, makes me feel so “free” and reminds me of when I was a kid, probably another reason I love swimming and the water so much, plus it’s the best thing to cool off. I’m so glad we have a pool!

Today I also thought it was tomorrow; I thought it was a day ahead pretty much all day. Yup. This happens to me alot. I never know what day it is and I don’t just mean when I first wake up either; I can go thru pretty much an ENTIRE DAY thinking it’s the next day.

Today I saw a photo of the Obama’s oldest daughter Malia smoking a joint,too, and I just laughed my ass off.

Today it was so hot that Buddy didn’t even want to go for a walk but just quickly went pee and then yanked on the leash to pull me right back in the house where it’s cooler.

Today we’re supposed to get a thunderstorm.

Today we’re to break another heat record……yet again…..and the hottest summer on record,too.