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The second-oldest is now back after living and working in Japan for 3 YRS. She brought us all back these yummy Japanese sweet treats, seen above. My faves. are the ones made of bean paste. The 13 YR old wasn’t too keen though to  experiment and try things where she didn’t know what it was and couldn’t read what it said. She’ll be staying here about a week and then going all over visiting friends and basically couch-surfing thru Toronto, London, and Edmonton. She’s going to a friend’s wedding at the end of the month and another one of her friends is also getting married in Mexico in the New YR. She hopes to get a job in Toronto at the agency that placed her teaching in Japan, this time as a sort of a liason for others looking to teach over there but if not  then she’s considering Edmonton(where the oldest and the 18 YR old also live now)with a goal in mind later to live in Vancouver in a couple of YRS and get a job in graphic design and if she gets bored in this country( which I’m sure she eventually will; how could she not, esp. after living there) she might like to go to South Korea( where she spent a week and liked it there) and teach there as she’s now qualified to teach anywhere in Asia now.

Screen Shot 08-12-16 at 11.07 AM She also brought everyone back souvenirs and I got this pretty souvenir plate! Nice, huh? She got these “Amiibo” (I hope I spelled that right!) the 13 YR old was looking for as well  that are incredibly rare here and impossible to find and that cost 100$ if you are fortunate enough to come across them  and that she was able to find easily in Japan in the grocery store for only 10$! I said she should have bought a whole bunch of them and brought them over here and sold them for a fortune and she would have made alot of $$$!

Screen Shot 08-12-16 at 03.21 PM It’s still soooo oppressively HOT here  and yesterday it was even hotter here than in Mumbai and it’s so hot it’s like in sub-Saharan  Africa ( 44 C is 111 F) and it’s so hot that I didn’t even go outside except for when I was in the pool! I went to the lab yesterday morning as well and got my aldosterone-renin ratio blood test and then to the pharmacy to pick up my pills, and “Aunt Flow” still hasn’t come yet and it’s now 4 days late but last month it DID last for 2 weeks though so it’s probably all off-cycle now, and a friend in Ireland was complaining how *they* get ripped-off having to pay 2 Euro for a pack of 20 cigarettes,too,and I told her that’s *NOTHING*: here you have to pay 15$ for a pack of 25! We’re the ones that are always over-charged for everything and always getting ripped-off! 2 Euro is something like 5 $, maybe even less, depending on the exchange rate! There you can buy 3 packs for the price of just 1 here! You can hardly get ANYTHING here for under 5$!Even body wash is over 7$!