The Cricket.

Screen Shot 08-13-16 at 03.35 PM This little fellow landed on me yesterday and I had my iPod right there with me so I was fortunate enough to be able to get a photo of it. I thought it was a cricket as I had heard them chirping at the same time this little guy showed up and boy could he sure jump, far and fast! So I posted it up on my Facebook and Patti was quick to comment how it was the funniest-looking cricket she’d ever seen and that it’s a flying grasshopper, always quick to correct someone and show-off how smart she is(she’s just like my hubby that way, smart but in a condescending way and always showing-up people with her intelligence) and then my friend W said maybe it’s not and we should cross-reference it with an insect ” dictionary” so I did a Google image search for both “cricket” and “grasshopper” and it was funny, for “cricket” some dumb sports thing kept showing up when I wanted the insect,and then I vaguely remembered it as one of the ways I was tortured in Phys. Ed class back in High school….in any case it didn’t really look like either but more like a moth, except it jumps, not flies(and powder didn’t rub off onto my hands like with a moth), and is the same colour as a cricket but has the hind legs of a grasshopper…. so *WHATEVER* it is, here it is……does anyone know? Later Patti said maybe a cockroach then but I told her that cockroaches are crunchy and this guy was soft and she said you’re not supposed to eat them and I told her I meant when you *step* on them, NOT *eat* them! Ewwww, gross!

As well, we had a BAAAAD thunderstorm yesterday and got at least 50 mm of rain which we needed with the heatwave and drought and today there were broken tree limbs, branches, and leaves all over, and some places even got tornadoes! It was sure some storm! I had left an empty dish outside and it was completely full of rain water! The 13 YR old and the 9 YR old also have Bible camp at our church this week, her as a leader and him as a student, and I forgot to tell you last week at church my hubby didn’t pick me up in time so I walked home(and nearly passed out!)and a car waiting to turn at the light had a “hot” guy as the driver and as I crossed the road a gust of wind made my dress go up and he could see my leg as he was stopped for the light and I hoped and fantasized he thought it was sexy, tanned, and muscular, but he probably just thought it was fat and looked like a tree trunk, either that or he never even noticed and was just muttering to himself, “Hurry up, lady, so I can go!”

I also heard a loud  distinct “pop!” and bang  last night outside my bedroom window that sounded like a gunshot, at first I’d thought was fireworks but then it was only one, and no one does just one firework, so I figured it must have been a gunshot,plus there’s no holiday for fireworks, and only one so maybe it was a drive-by? I have this feeling as well that the 17 YR old’s friend B(who lives in Toronto and hopes to be a pilot for a career) will be the one she ends up marrying,and,in fact, even the first time I met him I had the feeling that this is my future son-in-law, that this is the one that she’ll marry, so it’ll be interesting later on to see if it’s true or not…