Hate Speech?

Screen Shot 08-14-16 at 07.27 PM I’m following this story in the news about a man that’s going to be charged with “hate speech” and a “hate crime” which can result in a heavy fine and/or jail time. His “crime?” Simply for speaking Bible truth about homosexuality. In fact, he wasn’t being hateful in any way, but merely stated what the Bible says on the matter, that homosexuality is a sin, that gays cannot inherit God’s Kingdom,and stated a medical fact that gays are at highest risk for contracting AIDS and that homosexuality should not be taught in schools. These factual statements have apparantly been considered “hate speech” according to our Big Brother Police State gov’t who will not tolerate anyone critical of the gay agenda, even though the gay agenda always cries for tolerance for themselves but they will not tolerate anyone else’s views or beliefs esp. if they are opposing.They don’t want  to hear the truth.

The gov’t continues to pander to the gay agenda and award them special rights, laws, protections,and privileges. For instance, they decreed that now on the new health cards  and driver’s licenses will now no longer have genders displayed on them in favour of transgendered people, but the problem in that is that is causes undue hardship for everyone else, as we need gov’t  ID such as that WITH gender shown on it to apply for a passport, for example, so it’s tyranny of the minority, just to appease a few that like to play dress-up it infringes on the rights of the majority….but of course the gov’t either never thought of that….or didn’t care. Even clergy such as priests, ministers, rabbis, and imans are fined with “hate speech” and “hate crimes” for preaching to their congregations that homosexuality is a sin and now must do so basically in secret, much like how religious services used to be held “underground” under Soviet rule in Russia.

I certainly agree that real genuine hate crimes against the gay community( or ANY group for that matter) are wrong and should be appropriately dealt with, such as vandalizing their homes, bullying them, beating them up, gay bashing, job discrimination, and the like,but  it’s NOT “hate speech” or a “hate crime” to simply *disagree* with them or their lifestyle or to preach Bible truths, and what if we were to substitute the word “gays” with “pedophiles”, why would there be a difference? Being a pedophile is just an “alternate lifestyle” we could say, or that pedophiles can’t help it, either, they were “born that way” and their lifestyle should also be accepted and embraced, or we could also say the same thing about people that commit incest, polygamy, or bestiality; what’s really the difference between them and gays? They’re all sexual deviations and unnatural and against God’s natural laws,yet WHY is homosexuality accepted and seen as “normal” and embraced yet the others are not? These groups could say the same thing and demand the same rights, protections and status that the gays enjoy, and hey, give them a pride parade,too while you’re at it, because when you get right down to it, there is no difference, yet it IS accepted by society to condemn a pedophile for example and call him a sick pervert and for society to be repulsed by his behaviour, but not so towards a homosexual and there is back-lash against those that do. Why? Why the distinction and who makes that call? To God they are all equally sinful.

As well, homosexuality is now also being promoted, encouraged, glorified, and embraced  not only in the society as a whole, but also being taught and pushed onto students in school, it’s being promoted as “cool”, “trendy” , “normal’ and acceptable, and kids as well as society are drinking the Kool-Aid so to speak, being brainwashed into thinking this perversion is normal and ok  and they think that this is “progress?” Can you have imagined this some 30 YRS ago? Once you start with one group it’s also just a matter of time before others are affected,too, so in time pedophiles and others will eventually be seen as “normal” and “acceptable”,too, just give it another 20-30 YRS or so.  While I certainly agree that all people should have rights and dignity and that no one should be set apart, bullied, or discriminated, I also don’t think sin should be actively promoted  by society, the State, or in the school system, nor should it be a “crime” to speak out against it. So much for freedom of speech. This is censorship and Fascism as well as religious persecution.Canada sucks and it’s only getting worse!! Same-sex “marriage” is legal…..yeah, and slavery was legal once,too, it doesn’t make it right. God’s laws are higher than man’s.