The Ex.

Screen Shot 08-20-16 at 08.07 PM I went to the Ex(CNE) and we had to wait in line for 30 minutes for parking and it cost 30$!  We were gone for 10 HRS and I had fun but now I’m so exhausted! I saw 3 shows, one a Du-Wop group from Croatia, a Hawaiian dance troupe, and Haitian fusion singers.  For lunch I also ate Chinese food and for dinner I had deep-fried gnocci.

Screen Shot 08-22-16 at 08.42 PM 001 I also got this cool porcupine fish from the Philippines pavillion, as well as a Rasta purse, a hippo mask and hippo pillow, and I loved being back in Toronto again,too, I always feel so “alive” when I’m back there, like my old self again, almost like a light gets turned back on, a reminder of my old life and the way I used to be, and I really miss that. The second-oldest’s job interview  went well as well…..and she GOT THE JOB! So now she’ll be moving to Toronto and living where I grew up.