Doctor’s Appointment.

Screen Shot 08-21-16 at 07.25 PM I saw the doctor, the Internal Medicine specialist, not Dr. Dumb-Ass, and he took my BP( it was up a bit, 130/80) and listened to my heart and lungs, and we went over my recent blood work and my potassium and kidney tests are good,and my aldosterone levels are still higher than normal but better than last time, now they’re only in the 400-range as compared to the high-900-range in the winter so whatever it is seems to be resolving itself and he didn’t seem too concerned about it and said to see him again for another check-up and get more blood work in 6 months and my hubby said I won’t be needing that app’t if I die before I’m 50, as I turn 50 in January.He said my allergies are worse this summer too is because of the humidity. I also saw a lady from church in the waiting room, and my cousin in Europe with cancer has been given under a month to live and now her mind is “gone” and she’s no longer the same person she was and it’s really hard for her kids.

The 21 YR old also stole my chicken pie! There were 2 pieces left for me when I got back from the Ex the other day with my name on it saved for me and then they were gone….and I saw them packed in HIS lunch bag so I took them out and hid them and put them aside for my lunch the next day! What nerve! He already HAD *his* and he’s always taking everyone else’s food, even when it’s clearly marked with a name or even on someone’s place-setting! He’s such a pig!

Screen Shot 08-23-16 at 03.33 PM 001 Here’s also the cool awesome latex hippo mask I got at the Ex, and my legs, feet, and back are still all stiff, sore, and achy from all the walking, even though I did rest in-between and sit on a bench or while watching the shows as with my breathing problem I can’t walk too much or too far at once, and we went to the dump and put all the garbage, junk,and crap in the trailer and they weighed it and it weighed 1500 pounds and cost 110$ to get rid of! I couldn’t believe it; I mean, who can possibly have that much crap, and that’s not even our biggest amount,either, before we’ve had over 2000 pounds! Where does all this crap  come from? How can anyone possibly  manufacture so much junk on a consistent basis?

Screen Shot 08-23-16 at 03.34 PM 001 Here is also a better picture of my porcupine fish I got. It’s now in it’s new home, hanging up on a hook on the ceiling in my bedroom. If you look closely you can even see a glimpse of Bob Marley’s face in the background from my Bob Marley calendar on the wall,too!(he’s on the bottom lower right) The fish is the coolest thing, ever,and definitely unique, and not everyone has a porcupine fish hanging up in their bedroom.For some reason I really get a kick out of it.