They Need Prayer!

Screen Shot 08-25-16 at 06.46 PM Please pray for Italy following the devastating earthquake. They need our thoughts, prayers, love, and help. Please pray for those that died, and for the survivors; for the injured, and those that have lost their loved ones and their homes.Jesus said to love thy neighbour and one of the ways we show love is by praying for one another.God hears and answers prayer.

The Two Me’s.

Screen Shot 08-24-16 at 08.04 AM I had this “revelation” after I smoked a joint that there are actually 2 me’s; the one here that’s typing this out, the one that everyone sees, and one in the spirit realm, and they live parallel lives and sometimes they inter-sect, when I’m in a deeper state of mind, or higher state of consciousness and can enter a different dimension, such as when I’m dreaming, unconscious, or high, and when they come together permanantly and stay together is the moment of death.

The spiritual half is where my faith comes from, my deja-vu, how I know what it feels like to fly like a bird, the one that knows about Arabella, that knows what will happen in the future, and who gives me insight and revelations, etc. and I can access when the 2 of them connect temporarily. I got the impression that everyone must also have these 2 parts of themselves(why would it just be me, right? I’m not special) but either aren’t aware of it, can’t or don’t access it, they don’t inter-sect, or they don’t remember it if they do,and I also had the feeling that I’m not really supposed to know about it; that it’s supposed to stay “hidden”, sort of like special knowledge and wisdom, like the kind you aren’t supposed to know until after death but I was able to penetrate. It was really mind-blowing,and it’s truly incredible the things smoking weed reveals to me,like Bob Marley once said, “When you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Screen Shot 08-24-16 at 06.51 PM I also took these 2 online tests for fun and on the “How Hippie Are You?” test I got 100% Hippie(no surprise there I guess),and on a geography world capitals test I got 30/30= 100%= a perfect score and they said I was a “Geography genius” which made me feel good as usually I’m dumb, although history and geography are my strong subjects.

Screen Shot 08-24-16 at 11.28 AM My mother’s also always mean to Buddy(here is my handsome boy in his most recent photo), always telling him to get lost, go away, yelling at him, trying to hit him with the door or kick him, chasing him out of the kitchen when he wants to eat, not even letting him eat, etc, and I think because he’s an “extension” of me and she knows how much I love him and care about him  so to get “back” at me and to hurt me(because the bitch hates me) she’s mean to my dog. Her excuse is   HE “thinks he runs the house” (actually she thinks SHE does, and is always over-stepping boundaries with my kids and even bossing my  dog around,too)Usually he’ll scout out a room to make sure she’s not there now before he’ll venture in, trying to avoid her because he knows she’s mean to him, but yesterday when she was shooing him away he started barking at her, telling her off, standing up to her, defending himself, talking back! Good for him! Don’t take any of her shit!!