Obama Jesus.

Screen Shot 08-22-16 at 08.11 AM While I was asleep one of the kids (I later found out it was the 13 YR old who has this odd obsession with US President Obama) had placed photos of Obama over all of the Jesus pictures in our house as a joke, so someone must have been very busy, and as it turns out we have 30 Jesus pictures( she counted). At first I actually thought it was the 21 YR old who had done it since he’s known as a prankster and he was the one that taped a cigarette in Jesus’ Hand on one of our Sacred Heart of Jesus pictures,but it ended up to be the 13 YR old, and it was kind of funny, but it would have been even better if she had done it on April Fool’s Day.Now she has to take them all down though,too….

My hubby also left the door open as he usually does and I told him to shut as because Buddy might run out onto the street and he said, “Good!” and “*I* was here FIRST!” and then right after he hurt himself on something, so it was like God getting “back” at him for being mean and I just love watching karma in action! The 15 YR old likes to mock me too and always jeers about my “fake Prada sunglasses” and my family is always making fun of me, hassling me,and making me the butt of their jokes,insults, and ridicule and then they wonder why I think they suck?

Screen Shot 08-25-16 at 06.44 PM THIS also came with our hydro(electricity) bill but I guess that’s what happens when you do at least 2 loads of laundry a day and run the pool pump and A/C and my mother’s horrified and embarrassed and told me NOT to post it for all of the world to see and that she “doesn’t want everyone knowing our business” etc. and I told her too bad; it’s my blog and I’ll post what I like, and she over-reacts about everything, and then she said that *I* “under-react” and that I’ll get a bunch of hate messages from all the enviro-freaks. Really? We DO  pay for the electricity that we use, which IS metered, and our most recent bill was almost 700$.I actually thought it kind of funny that we use so much more than the average. We’ve  never been “average” in anything!

My mother was being snarky to me over something else as well and when I told her she “has attitude” she goes, “You HAVE to, if you want to try and survive living in this house!” and I told her she can leave then and she told *me* to leave instead,and oh, I only wish I  could but I have no $$$$ and nowhere to go, and then she was telling the 15 YR old to pick up papers off the front porch but to NOT put them in the garbage can as it had no bag….but not to put them in the garbage can inside in the kitchen either, so then I said, “You tell her you want her to pick them up but WHERE is she supposed to  put them?” and then she snarks, “I don’t care! She can shove it up her ass!” WTF?  Seriously, what is  wrong with her? What’s her problem,anyway? Why is she such a bitch?