Burkini Ban.

Screen Shot 08-26-16 at 08.26 AM A higher court in France has just temporarily over-turned the recent ban on burkinis ( the modest swimsuit for Muslim women as seen in the photo here, which resembles a diving wetsuit and only the face, hands,and feet are visible) in French beaches as it was unconstitutional and violated religious rights and freedoms and I agree. It discriminated against Muslims and is a form of religious discrimination and persecution. Who  cares what they wear at the beach or if they prefer to be modest and cover up and show less skin; let them wear what they want, and I personally much prefer that than to seeing someone in a string bikini or thong bikini half-naked!

There are laws in France that everything has to be secular with no outward signs of religion(it’s the same in Quebec,too), which is an obvious attack and suppression of religion, trying to squash it as well as people’s religious expression, and forces their beliefs “underground”, also creating division and an “us VS them” society, marginalizing  the Muslim population in particular as they are the ones more commonly singled out and targeted, and then France wonders  why there is more extremism and terror attacks there than in the rest of Europe yet their attack on religion and discrimination against religious groups and minorities and not accepting them into French society is the root of the problem.

With the ban on burkinis police were even patrolling beaches and forcing Muslim women to strip down to less clothing or fining them if not, which is shameful, humiliating,and demeaning, and how backwards society has gone from the past; before you might be fined if you wore too little on the beach in public, went topless or something else publically indecent, but now it’s illegal to cover up and you have to show  more skin! I swear, the world has gone crazy! I liken this to the beginning of the persecution of Jews in WWII; what next, forcing Muslims to wear a patch of the crescent and star on their arms and Christians and Jews having to shelter and hide Muslims in their attics from the authorities? Where does it end?

Screen Shot 08-26-16 at 04.47 PM This is also what happens to your cake that you were supposed to save for Sunday dessert when you’re tasked with putting groceries away right after you just smoked weed. It was delicious  by the way; banana, chocolate chip,and cream. OMG, I could have eaten the entire thing actually, plus I also had 2 chocolate puddings. The other day I got the “Munchies” so bad I ate 6 Nanaimo bars! I had a “revelation” as well at the moment of death that it’s a smooth transition,too, that final breath, sort of like a sigh, or a breeze carried off in the wind, or like when you dive under water and your breathing changes with ease, without struggle or fear.That’s nice to know!

My cousin with cancer is deteriorating now as well so it likely won’t be too long now, and my hubby and the 15 YR old were hassling me listening to The Pogues that it’s “redneck” music….but it’s not country(I’d rather cut my ears off  than listen to redneck country music!); it’s Irish  music and they weren’t playing the “fiddle”, it was the violin! They can just be sooo uncultured!