The BBQ.

Screen Shot 08-27-16 at 03.25 PM We had a BBQ, probably the last one of the summer. My hubby was the cook( BBQ is the only thing that man can cook!) and the flames shot up so high that I thought he was going to singe his eyebrows off! I went for a swim beforehand and then worked up a good appetite for the food. It generated so much smoke that I’m sure all the neighbours were hungry and jealous, and we smelled like a campfire.Seeing the flames like that also reminded me of our fire 20 YRS ago,too. Not fun.

Screen Shot 08-27-16 at 03.25 PM 001

Here are some of the goodies on the grill. We also had corn on the cob in the husks( which smelled like weed while cooking!) for the 15 YR old who’s a vegetarian. Buddy was standing by patiently, waiting, hoping for my hubby to drop a hotdog like he usually does and he wasn’t disappointed; his persistence paid off: he dropped a  hamburger, which is even better! He was one very happy little Dachshund, that’s for sure, and my fine furried friend  enjoyed *his* BBQ,too! We also joke if he eats hotdogs that he’s a “cannibal.”

Screen Shot 08-27-16 at 03.25 PM 003 Here’s some of the cooked food, ready to eat.(I love peeling the blistered skins off the hotdogs!) It looks like enough to feed an army, which the number of people in our house practically is. I also kept getting bitten by blackflies; they were eating me alive,and yesterday I got stung by a wasp,too. Bugs are the only bad thing about summer and if it weren’t for them then summer would be  perfect.  I still can’t believe there’s just one more week of summer left and then it’s back to school. I wish it could be summer all YR long.

My throat’s also been “scratchy”, hoarse, sore, and feels like there’s a huge wad of “hork” stuck in there for awhile lately as well and I wonder if it’s just my allergies, or maybe I inhale too deeply when I smoke weed and it’s like smoke inhalation or irritation or something….or could it perhaps be an allergic reaction to the wasp sting I got(even though it was my arm) and my throat’s swelling up? Whatever it is, it’s really annoying!