Pogue Mahone’s Long Weekend.

Screen Shot 09-02-16 at 08.16 AM My hubby and all of the older kids (everyone except for the youngest) are away in Toronto for the long holiday weekend so that means that I get 3 days of quiet to relax and have a mini-vacation at home in peace! It’s just my mother, the 9 YR old, Buddy,and I, and we’re going to order-in KFC for dinner tonight! Today everyone’s going to “Fan Expo”(pictured here) which is like ComiCon, which is basically a convention for comic book, anime, super hero, and sci-fi nerds, geeks, and dorks. So not my thing! I have no moral grounds against it, it just doesn’t interest me in the least. They even hand-sewed their costumes ,saved up all their $$$ and go all-out, in fact, it’s the highlight of their YR and they look forward to it  every YR! Yesterday they also went to the “Ex” (CNE) and the 20 YR old took the train in to meet them in Toronto as well.

Screen Shot 07-16-16 at 03.15 PM Tomorrow the 21 YR old’s GF also leaves after spending all summer here with us and goes back home to California. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 months already, it went by so fast! She’ll be back again over Christmas and it felt like she was a part of the family and she just fit in so well here. The 21 YR old won’t be able to go over there and see her for awhile though because the dingus lost his passport and at 200$ isn’t in a hurry to get a new one…

I’m enjoying my 3 day break, and my freedom also incl. being able to leave my computer unlocked as well with no one here to “sabotage” it, such as the 21 YR old who’s been known to put Hitler wallpaper on it or sneak swastikas on it or some other fool thing that he thinks is “funny”….We also don’t have to worry about all the food getting eaten, or the door being left open for Buddy to get down in the basement, or all the lights being left on or the toilet seat being left up….I could go on and on….the only bad thing is, of course, that I have to walk to church and I’ll be so out of breath.


Screen Shot 09-02-16 at 07.37 PM I saw a bald woman visiting the neighbours next door as well(I wonder what her story is? Does she have cancer or is she just funky?) and it made me miss my Buzz-cut( as seen here in 2005) that I had for YRS and she inspired me and I want a change and I’m thinking of maybe going back to it once again. What do you think? It’s funky, unique, striking, and easy-care. I wonder if I should? I really liked my Sinead O’Connor look and think I rocked it.