Buzz Off!

screen-shot-09-05-16-at-12-11-pm I was bored with my hair, wanted a change,and missed my Buzz-cut… I shaved my head again and have my Buzz-cut  back once again now! It’ll be perfect for hat season soon,too, as I won’t have to worry about my hair getting squished or static by hats; I won’t have “hat-hair” and I also don’t have to worry about bed-head,either! My family hates it of course, but they always  hate everything I do anyway (and I didn’t do it for them) so I might as well just do what’s best for  me and what I want. They don’t think that it’s a flattering look for me but let’s face it, when you’re ugly  nothing is a “flattering” look on you, and I’m still going to be ugly no matter *what* I do, it’s not going to make any difference anyway, and I’ll never be pretty but I can always be unique!

The 13 YR old scowled and sneered disapprovingly, “Why did you shave your head?” and goes to the 15 YR old, “Did you see her  hair?” to which she replied with a snicker, “ What hair?” and they sauntered off laughing but I just ignored them  and my mother never even said a thing initially, maybe it’s “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” although that’s never stopped her before, and only after a long time later did she say, “Are you bald again? I don’t see any hair!” and I told her, “No, not bald; a Buzz-cut, it’s just hard to see because it’s blonde.” I  like it though as it’s funky, easy-care,and I think it makes my long horse-face not look quite as long and if I want change again I can always grow it later.It’s my hair though and as long as I like it and am happy with it, that’s all that matters, and I did it for  me.

As well, the second-oldest hates living in Toronto; she hates the city, the people, the transit, and the smell (???) but I  loved living in the city(I grew up there) and I still miss it every day and every time I go back there I feel “alive” again; I feel transformed, like the “old” me again, and I’m in my element. Here in “Bumble-F*ck” it feels like something inside me has died, but in the city I come out of my “shell” and I thrive, and something odd as well: I went to the stores trying to find this peach body wash I was looking for but couldn’t find it anywhere and then it made me wonder: does it even really  exist or did I just  dream about it and thought it was real? That happens to me alot, and I have trouble being able to tell what’s real and what’s not; if something  really happened or if it was just a dream. Yup, crazy….I know.