If I Were A Heroine In A Romance Novel…

Screen Shot 09-09-16 at 04.43 PM.PNG “The beautiful bald girl  silently emerged from under the tree and walked slowly into the sunlight, it radiated off her tan skin and illuminated her, still wet from the rain, with droplets of rain running down her face and arms, and soaking thru her shirt. She was a vision to behold, and to him she appeared as a goddess, she was stunning and he was captivated by her unusual and rare exotic beauty for he had never seen a creature so fascinating. She was a wonder to behold, and he was spellbound by her, intoxicated and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. The sun glistened on her still wet skin and she was  glorious, breath-taking, as the sun  brightly shone all around her, rays of sunlight beaming off her, as if she were an evening star.

He got closer and when her eyes met his they both just knew. He gathered her into his muscular arms and drew her close, his heart beating wildly as she fell into his arms, as he kissed her hard on the mouth, her warm breath and feeling her body rise making him even more excited. He had never felt like this before and he was enthralled and intrigued. He kissed her deeply and passionately as it begun to rain again and they melted into eachother’s arms, and they pressed their bodies close and began to slow dance in the rain, laughing, and at that moment he knew that this was the girl he was going to  marry….”

I love my Buzz-cut!!