screen-shot-09-05-16-at-01-18-pm An American football player named Colin Kaepernick ( who I had never even heard of until now) had refused to stand for the American national anthem during a game and he was publically shamed, vilified, hated,slammed, called a “traitor” and “un-American” etc… He said it was an act of political protest, protesting a country that mistreats black people. Personally I agree with him; good for him, and he should have the freedom to do so, and I’m not such a fan of flag-waving and nationalism to begin with. I think the Americans make  way too much of a big deal with their flag worshipping anyway, and with such fervour it reminds me of North Korea or something and their staunch nationalism and devotion to their Dear Leader.

I have sort of done a silent protest in the same way with our national anthem as well. In church near Canada Day they always stand and sing the national anthem and I refuse to do so. I do stand, but I don’t sing it. I only stand instead of  remaining seated as I don’t want everyone to stare at me, but I refuse to sing it; I just stand there silently, in a defiant act of protest, not wanting to sing proudly pretending to support a country that in actual fact I hate. That would be hypocritical.

wynnenew Speaking of such merde, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne prorogued Parliament and gave her Throne speech…..and I got all excited hoping she was going to announce her resignation…..but NO such luck! She has an 85% disapproval rating, and the Liberals also just suffered a crushing defeat in Scarborough in a by-election in a former long-held Liberal stronghold(ha,ha!). Everyone is tired of their lies, their corruption,their scandals, their shit. She’s just the female version of former Premier McGuinty. The Liberals are ALL the same; different faces, same shit.

As well, The second-oldest is going to TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival) hoping to get a glimpse of some celebs, the 15 YR old asked me, “How come we have to go to church when we don’t  want to?” and I told her, “For your eternal soul!” and she goes, “Who  cares about my eternal soul?” and I replied, “God does!” My mother also said I’ve “always marched to the beat of my own drummer” and she meant it as an insult, but I took it as a compliment; I’ve always been unique, off-beat,funky, and a free spirit and don’t go along with the crowd.

When Buddy glanced at my mother she also glared at him until he turned away and cowered, saying, “Don’t you look at me!” and then grinned in satisfaction as he slinked away and when I said, “What are you, on some sort of power trip, or something?” she huffed, “You bet!” That woman is suchbitch I swear it took all of my restraint NOT to haul off and punch her right in her smug, smirking face! I also saw these old couple walking down the street holding hands and it was really sweet, and *I* wish I had a love like that,too; where you’re so in love that you’re still holding hands at 75 but the only love I get (other than from my dog) is in my fantasies and dreams.