My Someday.

thinkinghippo Everyone has their Someday. Someday they’ll land that dream job, their dream home, the man/woman of their dreams, make their fortune, become famous, get that promotion, go on that luxury vacation, strike it rich, have kids, be able to retire, etc. For me, with a toxic family that constantly berates me, puts me down and unites against me( and my mother says it’s because I’m “always wrong”) causing me to retreat into my own little world even more, I really  need, and look forward to, my  Someday. It’s the only thing that keeps me going, gives me hope and something to look forward to. It’s also nice to think about and to mentally escape to.

Someday I will escape this toxic family  that hates me and mistreats me and this toxic environment that’s killing me. I will go to a place of beauty and love where I’m happy, ideally in a tropical place, with nice weather and friendly people, like in the Caribbean, and live by the beach, by the ocean.

Someday  I will meet my soul-mate, and he will love me for me and not want to change me, and he will see me as “beautiful” in his eyes because he loves me. We will be like 2 puzzle pieces that fit nicely together, I will belong to him,and he will belong to me,and together we will be complete. He will love me and treat me with love, dignity,respect,and kindness.

Someday  I will be thin and beautiful. I will be perfected and happy. I will have self-acceptance and self-love. I will no longer be held back by, defined by, or hated for, all my limitations.

Someday I will be in a place where I am welcomed, loved, accepted, fit in,and belong, and won’t be rejected, ostracized, hated, ridiculed,or bullied.I will find my tribe, my people.

Someday I will be reunited with long-lost relatives who were a big part of my childhood and it will be like a big family reunion.

Someday  I will be the Old Me again. I will be who I used to be, before I was broken, and it will finally be ok to be me.

Someday  I will be at peace, and free of all the anxieties, fears, stress, traumas, damage, and brokenness that cripples me.Free of sadness, despair, hurt, pain, worry,and heartache.

Someday I will be happy.


Of course it won’t be on this side of Heaven……but it will be,someday……