Hippos To Colour.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-04-02-pm The 13 YR old has the “psychedelic” adult colouring book, which is all the rage now and adults colour like they used to enjoy doing as kids and they now find it relaxing, de-stressing, and therapeutic. Hers is a book of animals so naturally I asked her if there were any hippos in it and she lied and said there weren’t, and I was leafing thru it myself and I found  some (surprise!) so I asked my hubby if he could scan the page for me so I could colour it  and have it,too,and I will later stick up on my wall. (I don’t know how to use the laser printer plus he doesn’t let me use his stuff,anyway) and when the 13 and 15 YR olds overheard me they grabbed the book and quickly ran upstairs, no doubt probably going to hide it somewhere where I can’t find it, so I can’t scan it and have the picture, just to be mean, because they’re mean like that, and the 15 YR old even snarked, “I thought you’d just tear  the page out!” and my hubby made some excuse as to why he can’t print it out as well…..

Yet just another example of how my family treats me, disregards me, doesn’t  care at all for me, ever want to help me, be nice to me, do anything for me, or give two-shits about me, but at least I had the good idea of taking a photo of it with my iPod just in case, so at least I’ll still have that…..when I was a kid I used to love colouring and I did it all the time, and I could just sit there at the coffee table for hours and colour and every Christmas my aunt would always buy me colouring books and crayons!


screen-shot-09-17-16-at-07-26-pm I got it printed out….and I completed colouring it( and strained my eyes really bad doing it even though I did wear my reading glasses) using markers and here is the final result! I think it turned out pretty well and I call it “Hippie The Hippo.”

Heaven For Me.

screen-shot-09-15-16-at-04-27-pm I’ve always wondered if Heaven and everyone’s experience of Heaven is “personalized”, and different for everyone, according to their individual desires, wishes, dreams, and visions of what they think, hope, want and expect Heaven to be like, esp. since it does say in the Bible that in Heaven all of our dreams will come true….I sure hope so, sort of like a “designer” Heavenly experience, and if so, here is what I hope my  Heaven will be like:

Lots of beautiful flowers, incl. fields of wildflowers, sunflowers, gladiolas, iris,roses, lilac bushes, etc.

Many different types of birds, singing their beautiful songs.

Beautiful butterflies.

Animals, esp. hippos and dogs, incl. my fave. dogs from my own life, pets I have had that have died.


The perfect weather; nice and warm, with the warm sun beating down on you but not too hot, and with a little breeze.

Palm trees, weeping willows, and orchards of pink cherry blossoms.

Loved ones and friends that have died before you, waiting to meet and greet you, like a big happy reunion.

Peace and happiness, where there is no war, hate, pain, suffering, fear, strife, anxiety, or hurt.

Getting to meet and getting to know the babies that I miscarried.

Brighter, more vivid colours, and stronger, more intense smells and sounds, sort of like when you’re high.

Time-travel, being able to travel thru time and space, going back to the past to revisit and relive happy times in the past and going ahead to the future.

Being able to look down on loved ones still on Earth, being able to keep an eye on them and see how they’re doing.

Retaining all your happy memories but forgetting all the unhappy and painful ones.

Getting answers to all the questions you had in life and knowing the answers to the universe.

Getting to meet God and Jesus.

Being able to soar,float,and fly.

Being able to intercede for, help,watch out for, and protect loved ones still on Earth.

Being aware of how you died and watching your funeral and see who shows up and if they really are sad or not.

Finding out what God’s purpose for your life was.

A tropical paradise, with oceans, sand, and beaches, like in the Caribbean.

Feeling welcomed and loved, like you are Home and belong and fit in.

Being eternally happy.