These are the disasterous so-called cookies that the 17 YR old and her friend made. They ended up under-cooked clumpy, crumbly, broken,lumpy messes, all soft in the middle. She is a disaster in the kitchen.It’s now sort of become an ongoing joke in our family.

Her friend’s dad is a Master Chef too that has cooked fancy gourmet meals for the Prime Minister and the Queen. If he saw this he would just cringe.

There are simply no words.





Facebook International.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-18-pm My Facebook friends live all over the world so I thought it would be interesting to show my blog readers some Facebook posts from different countries, in different languages, so here are a few, courtesy of a few of my international friends. The one here is from Croatia and is in Croatian, obviously.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-17-pm From Russia, in Russian.screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-15-pm From Sweden, in Swedish.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-14-pm From the Netherlands, in


screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-13-pm From Greece, in Greek.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-12-pm From Brazil, in Portuguese.

screen-shot-09-17-16-at-03-11-pm From Austria, in German.

screen-shot-09-16-16-at-08-04-pm From Italy, in Italian.

screen-shot-09-18-16-at-07-52-am From Iran, in either Farsi or Arabic, they look so similar, I can’t tell.

screen-shot-09-18-16-at-08-01-am From Israel, in Hebrew.