2 Houses.


This house is down the street around the corner. The people that lived there( the ones with the 2 noisy dogs, incl. the one with 3 legs that I named “Tri-pod”) moved out last week. I have always liked this house and I walk by it every time I take Buddy for his walk, which is 3-4 times a day. I have always wondered what it’s like inside and imagine what it would be like to live in it. It’s actually just 2 houses down from Patti’s old house.


screen-shot-09-18-16-at-03-36-pm-001 Here it is from another angle. It also has this nice lilac tree at the front( off to the right but you can’t see in this photo; you can a bit in the other one). I wonder if the people that lived there were just renting as they moved out, complete with moving truck, but there was never any For Sale sign that went up, and so the thought came into my mind( there goes my active imagination and fantasies again!) wouldn’t it be nice if I could rent it and Buddy and I could move in? It would be so nice, I’d be on my own, away from my toxic family that always berates and belittles me, yet still close enough to visit,and still close to church and doctors, but I’d have my own place, my own space, my own privacy, my own sanctuary…..of course the only practical problem with that is I don’t have the $$$$$, where  would I ever  get the $$$$ to pay rent and utilities? Even if I did go on disability it’s only 1800$ a month and it still wouldn’t be enough to cover everything…..

I wonder what they do  charge for rent though, what it’s like inside, and what it would  be like to live there? It looks like a nice house and I think about it every time I walk by it.

screen-shot-09-18-16-at-03-40-pm My friend M (from the old church) who also lives here in town and her husband are selling their house( seen here) and for 438 000$! Wow! It has 4 bedrooms, and ours has 7 bedrooms (and 3 bathrooms, plus the inground pool) so I wonder if we sold ours how much we’d be able to get for it?

I also had this dream I met Jesus and exclaimed, “He is real! I always knew He  was;  I never doubted it, but this is just proof!” and my fave, priest was at church yesterday ( the grumpy old fart is in Russia, in St. Petersburg, I’ve been there as well, only I went when it was still called Leningrad) too so I did a Confession and confessed my suicide attempt and he was sad for me and said that my Hell is here, on Earth, in this lifetime (I agree!) and that he’ll pray for me,too.He also said that he’d be upset and miss me if I died, even if my family wouldn’t.