Chink Shoes.

screen-shot-09-25-16-at-07-05-pm-001 These are my new black flat

Chinese shoes that I got at the “Ex.” They are cotton on top and rubber-soles at the bottom.Can you believe that I got this fine footwear for only 7.99$?  They are the perfect fall shoes to wear now the weather is cooler and too cold for bare feet and sandals and where you’d need socks, but still not quite cold enough for the sheepskin-lined Ugg boots. Not only do they match with everything, they are nostalgic for me as well as I used to have a pair just like it when I was a kid so it brings back happy memories,too.

When I was 12 I had a pair, and my mother called them my “Chink Shoes.” (I also had “Jesus Sandals”, “Jellyfish Shoes”,etc. but that’s another story) I’ll never forget that one day I had 2 of my Chinese friends over at my house and the 3 of us were standing in the hallway and my mother was in the kitchen, with the closed door in-between us, and I was rummaging around in the shoes, looking for something to wear, and she loudly calls out to me thru the door, “Why don’t you wear your ‘Chink Shoes?'” I was just mortified and so embarrassed and my friends heard it,alright, and their jaws just dropped, their mouths hanging open, agape with pure shock, eyes wide open, not believing what they’d just heard.I just wanted to disappear. I can’t remember what happened after that but I was horrified and felt so badly, and it’s an incident that I’ll never forget, and every time I see shoes like this, it reminds me of that embarrassing encounter, and “Why don’t you wear your ‘Chink Shoes?'” keeps playing over and over in my head, like in an endless loop.

screen-shot-09-27-16-at-07-13-pm The 15 YR old also made these delish pumpkin spice cookies. She made 2 plates and they all went in no time. I love everything pumpkin; pie, muffins, cookies, loaf, Dairy Queen “Blizzards”, bread, etc. I just don’t like when it’s carved out into an occult symbol for “Satan’s Day.” The van’s also in the shop for a major repair; it was in all day yesterday  but they had to order the part so now it’s in all day today too to have it installed. We can kiss even  more $$$$$ goodbye. It was something to do with the steering.

The 17 YR old’s friend’s also drove all the way up from Toronto to visit her and was here late so he stayed overnight and slept on the couch and just like her he’s taking a YR off before he goes to university as well. He wants to be a pilot. After working at his job for the past 2 YRS the 21 YR old’s also hurt his back with all the heavy lifting his job requires and said he’s going to be looking for another job and in the meantime hopefully they can put him on “modified” work.