screen-shot-09-26-16-at-07-58-pm Today I found out that one of my Facebook friends ( she lives in Texas) has been locked up for 6 months! She was in court again due to assault and drug charges only this time she didn’t come out, and has been incarcerated! I’m surprised and shocked and I’m scared for her safety in there,too! I don’t want to be judgemental but it was her own doing that put her in there, and I hope that this will scare her straight and help her to turn her life around, to stay away from her bad influence friends, and stay out of trouble….sort of like “tough love”…

Today I found out that my friend O (from grade 10 and he is now a psychologist) had cancer. He didn’t say what kind as he’s an intensely private person(so I’m guessing it’s something embarrassing like testicle or prostate or something like that) but he said that in the summer they’d  “found something ‘really bad’” and in early September he had a ‘big surgery” to remove it and the biopsy/pathology report had just came back that they got it all and he’s now cancer-free but he’s still at risk and they have to keep an eye on him and he still has “medical issues” and requested prayers and positive thoughts.It was his birthday yesterday,too.

Today I had chicken korma and it was just sooooo delicious. I just love Indian food!

Today is one of those days where I’m just so tired I want to go back to bed and sleep all day.