Keep Swimming.

  • screen-shot-10-01-16-at-10-52-am In the movie “Finding Dory” Dory( who is a fish) is told to “Keep swimming!”It was to encourage her to keep going, to persevere, to not give up, to carry on,and to keep trying. I like the simplicity of it, “Keep swimming!” and am going to try to adopt it into my own life facing my own difficulties, challenges, trials, and battles, I’m going to keep swimming thru them all, I’m going to keep my head above water, I’m going to float, not sink, I’m going to tread water, not drown, I’m going to keep paddling,keep swimming! I am a strong swimmer and I have to keep swimming! Eventually I am going to see the shore, eventually I will make it, and until then I just have to keep swimming.
  • Whenever my family berates, insults, and demeans me, I will keep swimming.
  • Whenever I get down because of my looks, my weight, my lack of intellect,etc.. I will keep swimming.
  • When bad luck, misfortune, darkness, brokenness, loneliness,and the scars of trauma threaten to pull me under, I will keep swimming.
  • When the future looks bleak, like there’s no hope for change or any way out of my situation or chance for happiness, I will continue to trust in God,and I will keep swimming.
  • When I feel like it’s all just too much and I can’t go on anymore I may need a life-jacket but I will keep swimming.
  • screen-shot-10-01-16-at-07-02-pm…and there’s also this. This is so me, so perfect for me.
  • As well, I am slowly giving in to fall,surrendering, small steps at a time, yesterday I took the A/C out of my bedroom window and I put my shorts and T-shirts away and now I’m wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts but I’m still wearing my flip-flops though; I’m not quite ready to let go of those yet. Baby steps, baby steps. I’m likely done suntanning too unless I get the odd warm sunny day….
  • The 17 YR old’s also away this weekend at a Cadets FTX weekend where she’s camping and doing outdoor survival, and the 15 YR old dyed her hair but it ended up green so she had to make an emergency run to the drug store for brown hair dye to fix it, and I think that every girl at one time or another has had to make emergency runs to the drug store for hair dye for fix-ups! I remember one time with mine(trying to go blonde) half ended up a bright yellow and the other half a bright carrot orange! I also remember the disasterous “brassy” hair from using “Sun-In” back in the 80’s,too!