Gravitas With Pogue Mahone.

screen-shot-10-01-16-at-02-51-pm Name one universal rule of friendship: You need to have loyalty and trust.


What are you going to do about growing old? Atrophy, wither away and die.


If you knew the truth, how would you reveal it?  On my blog!


We all hope there will be one more time. One more time for what? Finding love, romance,and happiness.


If you were going to launch a new prohibition, what would you outlaw? Abortion.


If you were to ask for Divine intervention, what would it be for?  World peace.


Why do we sometimes crave chaos? Life becomes too predictable and boring.


How do you stay clear of the rocks and shoals? Trying not to venture out too far .


When they say follow the fear, what fear are you following? Putting myself in social situations where I have to talk to people,mingle,and socialize.


Why should we hang on to our illusions? Sometimes our illusions are all we have to keep us half-sane and to keep us going and when we give up our dreams we die.


What would your father make of you now? He’d probably think he made the right decision in leaving us when I was 2 YRS old.


When do reality and fantasy merge? After a good bong hit.


What is your favourite recipe for unhappiness? Looking at myself in a mirror and scrutinizing all my flaws.


What takes you down the rabbit hole? Re-hashing all my failures ,disappointments, and misfortunes over and over again.


What increases your sense of reverence? When I feel God working in my life and I can look up and say, “I know that was you! Thanks!”