screen-shot-10-07-16-at-06-40-pm-001 Today is our Thanksgiving but we had our big dinner yesterday. We ate in the diningroom and used the Royal Albert china dinner plates  and real silverware. The second-oldest, the 20 YR old, and my father-in-law all came to visit us for Thanksgiving . The 2 boys in Edmonton couldn’t come as it’s too far to come just for a long weekend. One of the 17 YR old’s friends was going to come,too, but then his grandmother died. I also found out the 20 YR old(as well as the 15 YR old) is a vegetarian now,too, and apparantly she has been for the past 5 YRS but no one ever told me and I’m always the last to know anything. The kids, my hubby, and his dad also played cards and the 15 YR old said my hubby even taught her how to “count” cards and how to play poker when she was just 5 YRS old! Somehow I’m not surprised!

screen-shot-10-09-16-at-02-22-pm-001 Here is our dinner, minus the little baby potatoes in garlic , the buns, and the gravy, which weren’t ready yet when I took the photo.(and the pumpkin pies, which came later) My father-in-law also said it was the best meal he’s had since the last time he was here, which was a nice compliment, but also kind of sad,too, and I told him he’ll have to come back again at Christmas and eat again. When he was leaving he politely thanked me for the meal and the nice time,and my hubby had to be an asshole and tell him that I wasn’t the one that cooked(my job was the clean-up afterwards), just to embarrass me and make me look bad, to discredit me.He always does that,criticizes me and tries to diminish me in front of other people.

As well, when the 9 YR old mentioned dandilions and I said I don’t like them because they’re weeds he replied, “Why don’t you just smoke them?” and I just about died laughing and told him it’s not that kind of “weed”, and my mother always has to control everything,too, she even tries to control my dog,and she said that I’m the one that always has to control everything and that she “just pays for everything”( once again, re-directing like she always does and “turning” it back onto me) and I told her, “It’s my job to tell the kids what to do, but you don’t know your place and over-step boundaries with my kids, and I don’t even have control over anything in my own life!”  I’m still waiting for my time to come, to be happy, but my story isn’t finished yet….

I’m also concerned for my friend A(I’ve known him ever since he was 10 and now he’s a lawyer) as his wife doesn’t seem too nice what she posts on Facebook: she says to him ,”I hate you” and says she wants to get rid of his dog(which he loves), and doesn’t seem to be a very nice person or love him,and I wonder if she just married him to move here and stay in the country; marry a citizen to live here? He’s a really nice guy though and he deserves someone who loves him.It just makes me sad. My friend in Georgia, when told to evacuate due to hurricane Matthew also decided to go to New Zealand, which I guess is about as far away as you can get, and I think it’s f*cked-up that Donald Trump insulted Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants and no one cared, yet now when he insulted women all of a sudden everyone cares? WTF? I’m NOT a Trump fan, but this is just stupid, and it happened  10 YRS ago, and pretty well all guys are pigs and talk like that amongst eachother,anyway,and we’ve come to expect him to say offensive and inappropriate things, and what about all the bimbos that Bill Clinton had all those affairs with during his marriage, that’s even worse than Trump’s trash-talk yet Hillary just looked the other way.