The Van.

screen-shot-10-10-16-at-08-02-am-001 Look what happened to our poor van! It was parked and someone hit it and now it’s all dented and scraped! Luckily the guy that hit it stayed behind and waited for my hubby to give insurance info and  didn’t just take off, so he won’t have his insurance rates go up, have to pay for the repairs, or have to file a police report, and now it’s in the shop getting fixed, poor thing and the guy that hit it his insurance will cover the cost and in the meantime we’ll have a “loaner” car. I wonder how long it’ll take to fix and how much it’ll cost?

My hubby also snarked about me putting it on my “fake blog” but everything I post on here is true,not “fake” ( does the photo look “fake” to you? and why would I just make shit up?) he just can’t handle the truth! He’s always pushing me to exercise like he and the kids do as well( the 17 YR old does “Insanity” and the others yoga, and even Buddy will stretch along side them; it’s so funny!) but I know if I tried it that I would have a heart attack and the paramedics would have to scrape me off the ground! He also sneers, “What do you know about exercise?” but he forgets that I did gymnastics for 16 YRS when I was younger  so I know more than he thinks! (I just can’t do it anymore!)

screen-shot-10-10-16-at-03-02-pm I finally “surrendered” as well: It was 1 C in the morning(here I am all bundled up, cozy and warm for the now-cold fall weather) and put away my beloved flip-flops and even wear socks now,too, but I still keep my window open at night; closing that would just be too much and I’m not ready for that yet! My hubby also scoffed, “and your opinion matters to me how?” to me so in reply I said to him, “As much as yours means to me!” and my mother said likely the reason the 20 YR old never told me she’s a vegetarian is I’d put it on my blog as I “always put everything” on my blog, but why would she be embarrassed about that and not want people to know? It’s not like she was a hooker, or something, and I don’t know who’s worse or who hates me more, my hubby or my mother, it keeps changing.

screen-shot-10-10-16-at-06-31-pmThis is also the Thanksgiving turkey that the oldest made for him and the 18 YR old,and to think that when he first moved out for university all he could cook was toast and oatmeal, and now he’s a regular chef, and he could rent himself out for catering services::. Turkey basted with butter stuffed with lemon wedges and shallots, with a grain mustard and honey and soy sauce glaze. Complimented with sausage, shallots, and herbs mixed stuffing balls as well as roasted shallots and homemade turkey gravy. Topped off with sage and thyme.YUM!!

The second-oldest who was teaching in Japan for 3 YRS has been back for just 2 months now and already she’s bored just as I predicted; once you’ve seen what’s out there in the world you can never be happy in THIS shit-hole, and I’ve always felt I was living in the wrong country and stuck somewhere I don’t belong,and now she wants to go to South Korea and teach next, and when the 18 YR old was living here in the same toxic  environment that was killing him everyone cared what it was doing to him,too, yet no one cares that it’s destroying me as well, and unlike him, they gang-up on me and single me out for ridicule, yet I have nowhere to go, at least he had friends he could stay with for awhile in the beginning and now with his older brother, but I have no one and nowhere.

I have been told that with my Asperger’s I also keep repeating myself and it’s “annoying” although I’m usually not even aware of it and certainly can’t help it and don’t do it on purpose,and yet I’m constantly taunted and put down for it, just one example of many of how my family treats me regarding my Asperger’s, BiPolar, social phobia,and depression, so basically they are making fun of my disability, and it would be like making fun of someone who’s blind, deaf, in a wheelchair, mentally handicapped,etc….what’s the difference? A disability is a disability, and none of us can help it, “ask” for it, or do it on purpose, and most of us were born with it….so what does that say about people that make fun of those with disabilities?