Food Feast!

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-20-pm Since Monday was Thanksgiving, I thought I’d put up a couple of my friends’ Thanksgiving dinner feasts up here on the blog so you can see how they celebrated. Here in the first photo is my friend F and his Thanksgiving spread. When my pharmacist friend saw the turkey that my oldest made she said, “I think I have fallen in love with your son!” (oh, B, you are just too funny!!)

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-25-pm-001 Here is my friend A’s Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, I know, ours is looking pretty “shabby” in comparison,but it’s not a contest…..In USA Thanksgiving is about the Pilgrims coming and oppressing the Indians but here it’s about giving thanks for a good harvest, thanking God, and spending time with family and sharing a good meal.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-51-pm and finally here is S’s, which she put up on Instagram for the world to see. Notice the artichoke? As you can see, the common theme here was turkey and then everything else varied. My friend I also said that his mother has the same tradition that I do every YR,too: having everyone go around the dinner table each saying what they are most thankful for. For me it’s always the same: that we are healthy,and that God has always provided our needs and kept us safe, no matter the circumstances. Of course my kids make it as offensive as possible, like saying they’re “thankful” for the Third Reich, Donald Trump, AIDS,etc.. you get the idea.

As well, poor Buddy has diarrhrea, I’m sure from all the left-over ham and turkey rinds (and we’ve had turkey and ham sandwiches for lunch, Turkey a-la King for dinner, etc.. lots of left-overs!) and he even did one in the rec-room he couldn’t hold it,and once he realized it he came and “told” me right away, whimpering and ran straight for the door and as soon as I opened it he ran out so fast and still spent a good 10 minutes shitting,and still had more during his next walk, and the 13 YR old has a cold now,too, but at least she made it thru Thanksgiving; usually someone’s always sick over holidays!

The 9 YR old was mad he had to help me with the TV as well and again told me how stupid I am and when I said I know I am he huffed, “But you’re even more stupid than you should  be!!” and I heard the 17 YR old tell him the other day that it’s “not nice” to call people stupid and the second-oldest telling him the same thing,and that it “makes them feel bad.” My family is eager for me to die as well and are hoping I do die before I’m 50 (I turn 50 in January) like I’ve always had a feeling I will and my hubby’s always making cracks and snide remarks about it and they’ve even planned out how they’re going to spend my life insurance $$$$, such as being able to finally afford to move and describing what the “new house” will be like(even though the $$$$ is supposed to last for YRS, over time, and not all be used up at once), etc. and they discuss it right in front of me which I think is just disrespectful, tacky,classless, and rude,and it hurts my feelings.

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