Ugly Celebs.

Generally famous people are good-looking, attractive, beautiful,or handsome, and you pretty much have to look good to be on TV or be in the movies, but there are exceptions and there are some ugly celebrities out there,too, and as an ugly person myself, I am qualified in this area, without being judgemental or mean, because I’m ugly, too,and as the saying goes, “It takes one to know one.” and here is my list of ugly celebs(in no particular order) that I could think of:

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-24-pm Donatella Versace, designer.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-22-pm Shane MacGowan, The Pogues.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-15-pm-001 Chyna (I’m not sure who she is)

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-15-pm Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-09-pm Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-07-pm Amanda Plummer, actress.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-04-pm Chelsea Clinton, former President’s daughter.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-04-02-pm Sarah Jessica Parker, actress.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-57-pm Tori Spelling, actress( and I use that term loosely)

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-56-pm Larry King, talk show host.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-03-54-pm Linda Hunt, actress.

screen-shot-10-11-16-at-07-19-pm Lena Dunham, actress.

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