Bob Dylan.

screen-shot-10-13-16-at-06-24-pm Bob Dylan has received a Nobel Prize. When I first heard it I said to myself, “Well, I know it can’t be for singing!” (It was for literature) He has got the worst singing voice ever, so “nasal” and whiny, he honestly sounds like a screeching cat in heat. This is actually something that my hubby and I both agree on and have in common; we can’t stand Bob Dylan’s singing! We always joked that it’s proof that people must have been high in the 60’s if they thought that he sounded good…..and so, I did a little “experiment”: after I smoked weed I listened to a couple of Bob Dylan songs that I found on YouTube…..and they actually didn’t sound as bad as they usually do and did  sound better than normal! The weed did actually affect how I was hearing the music! I wouldn’t go as far as to say he sounded good, but it wasn’t that bad. I realize after I smoke weed I can hear music on different frequencies and sounds plays at different speeds, often at slower speeds, so it must have altered the songs somehow so it sounded better than usual. The experiment was a success and proved why he was so popular in the 60’s: because everyone was always stoned and their hearing was altered! Some people say he shouldn’t have got it for literature as he’s not an author or poet, but when you really think about it, song lyrics are just poetry put to music….

As well, the lady next door had her baby, and her first one is just 11 months old(Irish Twins, ha,ha!) so they’re even closer together than my first and second, who are 13 months apart, and my guess is she probably thought that you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding (surprise!!) and I over-heard the 15 and 17 YR olds talking about me behind my back,too,(flashbacks of Jr.High bullies all over again)and making fun of my blog post, and they were taunting and laughing at me for being upset  for feeling like in my family I’m always an inconvenience, a burden, a bother, and an after-thought, and always coming last, and I express my feelings on the blog and get out my hurt as my way to vent,grow, and to heal,and here they are ridiculing it,and if that’s how they feel about it then why do they even bother to read it then? No one’s forcing them to read it, and if the only reason they do is to poke fun of it(and to laugh at my expense) then that just says more about the kind of people they are.