The Flying Hippo.

screen-shot-10-16-16-at-08-46-am I had this weird dream last night (and I hadn’t even been smoking weed,either, it was just my vivid and active imagination) that I was riding a flying hippo! Yes, I’m aware that hippos don’t really fly (duh!) but dreams are funny, and I had to hold on to it’s neck wrinkles for dear life so that I wouldn’t fall off, and we were up so high it was like being up in a plane  where you’re up high but still low enough that you can still see and clouds were whisking by us, looking like fog, and not only could I see myself in the dream but I was also seeing things from the hippo’s perspective as well, incl. that it thought I must have been some sort of insect it kept trying to swat off by twitching it’s ears and thinking to itself, “I have to make more sweaty secretions to get rid of it” and then a flying elephant came and starting attacking my hippo(I even reached out and touched the tip of it’s trunk!) and the hippo fought back and the elephant scampered off, defeated, and I was glad to have such a good hippo and glad to have survived it, thinking, “I don’t care if I die, but not like this!“(falling thousands of feet in the air)….and that was the end of the dream! Weird,huh?

My imagination got the better of me yesterday in church as well: half-way during Mass this suspicious-looking guy wearing all black came in and sat right next to me(doesn’t it figure?) and he was shifty-looking,and kept looking down at the ground,and never put in any $$$ in the collection plate,either, and I thought he was a terrorist and half-expected him to set off a bomb, right there in the church (and churches have often been the targets of terrorist bombings) and so there I was, beyond uneasy, just waiting, waiting for the moment I thought that he’d most likely do it, but not going to say or do anything in case what if I was wrong and just over-reacting and everyone would think I’m some sort of crazy crank? So there I was, trying to calculate the most ‘likely’ time during the Mass that he’d set off the bomb….holy shit…and I was watching him like a hawk….and then he’d left early so I scanned his spot in case he left anything behind and wondered if he was going to set off the bomb by cellphone….

Obviously nothing happened, and I have to stop letting my imagination get carried away, thinking a bomber was sitting next to me, and all these scenarios going thru my head, that I would be one of the first to “go” if so,right next to it, but at least it would be quick but there would be nothing of me left….and what if they wrongly think that  did it once they determine the location of the blast? It reminds of of the time flying to Germany when I was convinced the guy sitting next to me on the plane that the police escorted on and kept leaving to go to the bathroom for long periods was a terrorist(it turned out he was just being deported)…..shit….I have to stop watching so many movies…

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