Fall Beauty.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-56-pm While I was taking Buddy for his walk I also brought my iPod along so I could take photos of the pretty trees, all coloured for fall. These are the ones along our street. This one is at the house 2 houses down from us.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pm-001 This one is down the street, around the corner, near where Patti used to live.When I was walking Buddy a guy walked by us and goes, “A wiener dog!” I also saw a movie called “Wiener-Dog” and Patti was horrified and said it was in “poor taste”, and that she’d heard it was “twisted”, “horrible”,and “downright disturbing” and that “no one who loves Dachshunds should watch it” but if she meant the scene where the dog had the suicide vest on it didn’t blow up though; the bomb was dis-armed in time, but I  just didn’t like the end of the movie where the dog got run over by the truck!

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pmThese are just down the street from us.My hubby said he saw the ambulance come and take “G.P” away again,too, my guess is she probably has a bowel obstruction or something. I wonder if this time they’ll finally find out what’s wrong with her? My mother said she’ll probably die first and then they’ll only find out later, during the autopsy. Soooo half-assed.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-54-pm This one is right across the street.My fave. is the maples that turn orange. My hubby says when all the leaves fall off and the trees are “naked” that it’s “tree porn.” He’s just so weird. Yes, I know.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pm-002 This is another house that I like so I took a picture of it. It’s right across the street actually from that other house I like. It’s kind of hard to really see it with all the vines covering it,although it makes it look “stately”  but it’s brick, has a tin roof, and has an unusual shape at the front that I like.

I also think I have a sinus infection as I’ve been stuffy for months, I get a sinus headache, my face crackles and hurts, and I blow out thick green snot(and my Dedushka was prone to sinus infections), and to try something new I ordered cannabis oil instead of my usual dried weed that I smoke in a joint or in my bong; I had my hubby calculate( since I can’t do math,and it makes my head hurt) the dosage and how much is in the bottle(40 ml) and how long it would last VS the cost VS the dried cannabis and the oil actually would last longer and end up saving $$$$ and no gross smell like when I smoke it either so I ordered 1 bottle to try…..as long as it still gets rid of the migraines just the same….