Save The Hippos!

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-08-39-am I found what I wanted from my hubby for my Christmas gift (he never knows what to get me so we have this system where I pick out my own gift and he pays for it): something I’ve been looking for the past 3 YRS at least and isn’t easy to find: a hippo calendar! I actually found one for 2017 from the Turgwe Hippo Trust! It’s 35 $ USD which ends up being 47 $ in our $$$ but my hubby and mother paid 50$ for their calendar from the Cancer Society( as a charitable donation; the average price for a calendar here is around 20$) and this way it also goes to help the hippos as it’s a conservation hippo reserve  in Zimbabwe that’s been around for over 20 YRS and shelters, cares for,breeds, and protects hippos from poachers, and keeps the species alive and flourishing, so when you buy a calendar you’re sending a donation to the charity that helps hippos, so it’s a bonus, and at it’s a gift that lasts all YR,and when the YR is done, I’ll also have 12 pictures of hippos at the end of it all,too!(This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love hippos, am passionate about them,and am really happy I finally found the calendar!)

Here is their site if you are interested in ordering a calendar, sending a donation, or just want information on the organization:

My hubby ordered it but scoffs what if I really do die before I turn 50 in early January and then he’s gone and wasted his $$$ on a calendar for me for next YR, except it’s still not as even if I’m not here to enjoy the calendar the donation has still gone to help hippos, so it’s not a waste either way! I keep having this recurring dream as well I move back to my old house in Toronto (I wonder now is maybe “symbolic” of dying and going to Heaven and going “Home?”)and I’m waiting for someone to bring Buddy to our new house except other people want him,too, incl. Patti,and her son, and I wail, “But he’s mine!” and he has to choose which of us he wants to stay with…..and he comes running over to me and he even talks to me and says, “You’ve always had dreams you move back here and now you have, so now the dream has come true, what now?” and I reply, “Now we get to live the dream every day!”

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-06-57-pm I also just love this gown; Michelle Obama in Versace. She wore it to some official State dinner and it’s stunning. It looks like liquid pink gold, but it costs a whopping 11 000$, which for us would pay for 2 trips! It’s on my Wish List even though I’ll never have the $$$$ and nowhere to ever actually wear it.

I was also sitting at the table eating my lunch when my mother orders me (not asking nicely) to get her TV show  set up for her to watch so I told her to wait until after  I was done eating and she flips out, swearing at me, and I told her, “I am allowed to eat!” and she sniffs, “and I’m allowed to watch TV!” so I told her if she can’t wait then to get the 9 YR old to help her,and if she was going to be bitchy to me about it that I wasn’t even going to help her at all, and then I heard the 17 and 15 YR olds talking “smack” about me,with the 17 YR old mumbling under her breath, sarcastically, “That’s how you treat your mother?”……even though that’s how she  treats her daughter(and she started it) but no one cares about that; she’s allowed to treat me however she wants but whenever I say anything back or defend myself and stand up to her they always turn it around onto me and make me the “Bad Guy!” Now to mock me the 15 YR old also goes around cackling, I’m eating!” and laughs too. They’re  all a bunch of assholes and they deserve eachother.

I wish I could trade my family.

One of the reasons that I wanted to have kids was I thought that way at least someone would love me for sure.So much for that idea. HAH!

That’s why I got a dog now instead.