Cannabis Oil.

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-08-40-am I got the new cannabis oil I ordered!  I got the Indica strain as  it  has more relaxing and calming properties(as opposed to the Sativa) to also help my anxiety and nerves. The 40 ml bottle cost 80$ but then there was delivery and tax so it was 100$ total.It arrived just 2 days later, and comes with a dosing syringe. I started at the smallest dose and then waited to see if anything happened, if I could “feel” anything happening, feel it’s effects, know it was working, etc. I had a headache from my sinus infection and was curious to see as well if it would go away. So I took the ever-so-small dose,1/4 ml,  and it was a thick oily slightly sweet taste, with a slight “weed” taste to it. I waited…and waited…I didn’t feel any different but I had to give it time to digest….. 1 HR went by….then 90 min. went by….still nothing….I guess I don’t notice anything….

and then at exactly 1 HR 45 minutes after I’d ingested it……wham!! It just suddenly hit me, a sudden gush of warm, vibrating waves just came rushing at me and I started “rippling” along with the vibration and went with the flow….and so off I “sailed”…off and on….and I watched the  news in “3 D” only without the benefit of 3-D technology, I kept spacing out, I craved a carrot muffin and a chocolate bar, I heard church bells and rap music playing in my head, thinking in slow motion,danced around the kitchen, and I think may have time travelled too and am still feeling the effects of it now as I type this, so I’m not sure how long it lasts, but yes, they were right: it is much stronger(and at a lower dose) than the inhaled type of marijuana!(apparatnly it lasts longer,too) As long as it still gets rid of the migraines I’m good, and oh, it also knocked out that sinus headache that was plaguing me, and I  figured out how “The Blacklist” will end!

As well, my mother had to go to the pharmacy and quickly re-new her pills as she only had 2 of the insulin pills left but she  thought she had over a week left and figured she must have mis-counted, but she was right, she did originally have a week more; I took them that time I tried to kill myself, remember, only it didn’t work, and now she’s short a week’s pills, and she also sniggered that Buddy’s “never too far” from me so I replied like how the 9 YR old’s never too far from her and then she didn’t say a thing; she can dish it out but she can’t take it and she’s always making snide little comments like this to me!

When the kids are at the store and walk by the counter and hear lotto winners they also thought the machine said, “Winner! Daniel!Winner!” but in actual fact it was saying, “Winner! Gagnant! Winner!” with “gagnant” being “winner” in French, but they thought  they were saying “Daniel!” It’s so funny,  and the 15 YR old’s really tiny ( the perfect size for gymnastics and cheerleading) and the 17 YR old  jokingly teased her about her small size saying, “You’re so short even a midget can’t see you!” and I told her, “They like to be called “Little People!”