Who’s The Fat Guy?

screen-shot-10-22-16-at-05-22-pm I was on the couch a bit of a distance away from the cabinet next to the TV when I saw this standing there on top. It’s the size of 3-4 apples tall and it suddenly appeared out of nowhere yesterday. I don’t see too well so I couldn’t make out who it was, it just looked like  some fat guy (I was thinking along the lines of “Fat Bastard” from “Autin Powers” or something)from my angle so I squinted my eyes and peered in closer to try and get a better look and said, “Who’s the fat guy?”……as it turned out it’s my hubby! (ha,ha)When I went up closer I would clearly see; the “tool” made a cardboard cut-out stand-up figure of himself, sort of like the old-fashioned paper-dolls I used to play with! What gives? What on Earth……???

WTF, man? Why would he even think to make such a thing,anyway? He’s just so vain!(I have to look at  that all the time now?) I joke it’s “perfect for target practice, esp. with the red spot right in the middle of the chest.” He said he might make them of all of us in the family for his dad, and write our names on the back of each, to help him remember who’s who, since at his age ( 83) his memory isn’t what it once was.HA! If he gets lonely or bored at the “Old Folks” home he can even play with them like a paper-doll family! 🙂

As well, I still have the never-ending sinus headache that just won’t go away and it’s exhausting and draining,  we can only do our laundry from 7 pm every night as that’s when the hydro rate’s the cheapest, from 7 pm to 7 am, and the kids are complaining they’re “freezing” saying it’s cold in here ( 70 F) and we’re “too cheap” since we refuse to put the furnace on until November,too! The 17 YR old also lost 20 $ twice while out walking and she literally even saw a gust of wind come by, pick it up and drift it off into traffic and then up onto a roof….in total the poor kid lost 40$!

The 15 YR old also dyed her hair again: this time a warm gold-brown with purple/pink/burgundy and I think this one’s probably my fave. so far(and then the blonde) and the other day I only got 12 blog readers for that day but I won’t get discouraged or give up; if I only get 12 readers then I will write for those 12 readers, and my BFF had her birthday and turned 50 the other day as well and said she’s an “Old Fart” now, and we’ve been friends ever since we were 12; it’s so hard to believe!

I had a dream last night as well and in the dream you know how in Heaven everyone is healed, and made perfect and “whole?” Well, I was thin again and I didn’t look like I do now,either; this ugly physical exterior was gone and I was pretty like I’ve always wanted and I had long, wavy, red, hair, so maybe that’s the “real” me, the way God created me to be, how I really am, how I am inside, underneath,how I’ll be in Heaven, hidden beneath the ugly exterior everyone sees now,and my hubby got a 500$ cell phone  bill too for the 22 and 17 YR olds and flipped out…..but it was for 3 months as they hadn’t paid their bills(and service was going to be cut off)….but they’d never received any bills! So he paid it and now it’s all settled but it’s so expensive! That averages out to not quite 100$ each a month! They sure weren’t kidding when they said on the news that this country has the highest cell phone rates in the world!