High As F*ck.

screen-shot-10-24-16-at-07-27-pm Yesterday I had more of my new cannabis oil and increased the dose gradually as recommended,and I got high as f*ck! The full effect wasn’t noticed by myself until about 3 HRS after I’d ingested it but then I started feeling “wobbly” , like “ripples” passing thru me,and my right eye started twitching and both my eyes felt heavy and it was hard to keep my eyelids open!  Then all the letters and words on my computer screen started getting elevated off the screen and moving around, and I kept hearing a bass even though there wasn’t any, followed by a song with the same words repeating over and over again but it wasn’t real. My brain was also “foggy” and I couldn’t remember anything, and I had trouble spelling while I was typing stuff on the computer,and having difficulty comprehending as I was reading,too,and I would keep re-reading the same sentence over and over again. I also started to feel really cold and chilled and I was shivering so I just went to bed and as I laid down to go to sleep weird thoughts ,patterns,and images were running thru my brain, like a twilight-sleep and I eventually fell into a deep sleep..

As well, I just found out today that for the past 3 weeks the 13 and 15 YR olds have been going to the dentist, and I have no issue with it but the point is that I never knew, that no one ever told me, and that I’m always the last to know anything and am never even told what goes on in my own family with my own kids, or where they are,and I’m always left out,pushed away, not included, informed, or consulted, and every time I try to be a part of things, include myself, be involved, interested, and in the “know” they always push me away, mock me, reject me, and make it even harder for me to even try the next time, causing me to withdraw into myself and distance myself from them even more!

I also applied for a new passport as mine expires in 2 months,and I used my BFF and my hubby as references, and my hubby jokes that if they call him he’ll tell them that I’m a “Russian spy” and I told him if he uses me as his reference then I’ll tell them that he’s a Jihadist with ISIS! I just hope it’s processed ok and not rejected and returned to me for correction like it usually is….I usually do something wrong…..this time they also have a 10 YR option as well as the usual 5 YR so that’s what I chose.