Vending Machines.

screen-shot-10-25-16-at-07-18-pm So along

with our home business my hubby also just bought 15 vending machines to bring in extra income that he will place  all around town in various locations and have filled with snacks of different kinds. He got the idea from a job fair/franchise kind of seminar workshop thing he went to in Toronto about business and so now he’s invested in it. We should be getting the machines delivered in a couple of weeks and it varies how often they need to be re-filled but the average is 1-2 times a week but it all depends on how well the items sell. Each item sells for 2 $ and comes in a little plastic container and depending on which items (eg. chocolate-covered almonds, M&M’s, etc.) sell and which don’t and in which locations, then we’ll know how many to re-order, and so on. I just hope that it works and we make the $$$$ that he’s hoping for, and he says if it’s successful then he can always order more vending machines and branch out, with an eventual target of 55 machines, reaching a broader area.

screen-shot-10-27-16-at-01-09-pm Remember that dream I had awhile ago how I looked like in Heaven, the “real” me, with the long wavy red hair? I found this picture and this is kind of how I looked and how my hair was, the closest thing. It also snowed yesterday as well(but melted when it hit the ground) and I know it was snow and not rain as I was out walking Buddy and I could see it was white when it hit my coat and it was heavier than rain, plus it was cold,too, 0 C! We also saved 300$ on our last  month’s hydro bill just by doing 1 load of laundry a day instead of 2 or more and by doing it at 7pm when the hydro rates are cheaper! We couldn’t believe it, what a difference it made!

The 13 YR old also purposely blared redneck country music on her iPod right when I came in the room just to enrage me and when I told her if she didn’t cut it out and turn it off I’d take her iPod away she mouthed off that she’d take my iPod and hide it, too, and when I touched her shirt to feel it because it was sooooo nice and soft she whipped it off and threw it in the laundry to get washed because I’d touched it, as if I have cooties or something, and when told her to put the garbage out (one of her assigned chores) she never did, no matter how many times I reminded her…..but when my hubby told her just once to do it she did, the first time,and the same with the 15 YR old old, when  told her to do the recycling(one of her chores) she refused and just walked away but when my hubby did she did it! They always do that,too.No one ever listens to me, obeys me, or shows me any respect, and I’m sick of it, esp. when I never even did anything to deserve it!

It was my hubby’s birthday as well (he’s 53) and the kids all made him cards but they never do for me, for my birthday (or for Mother’s Day, either, but they do for Father’s Day) using the excuse that they “don’t make cards anymore”….except that they do, just not for me,and when I asked why they make cards for him(and they fawned all over him even more than usual for his birthday,too, and mine basically goes unnoticed; I don’t even get a card!) and NOT for me the 15 YR old huffs, “Because we like him!” (the 9 YR old said he threatens to cut off their Internet if they don’t make cards for him)and I asked, “What, so you don’t like me?” and she smirked, “Yup!” and it felt like a knife in my heart. Why do they hate me so much? Why are they all so cruel to me? Then they wonder why I hate this family and want out.

My mother and hubby also went to “Arby’s” and got beef sandwiches for everyone except the 22 YR old which I think was mean and he was upset( I don’t blame him; I know what it feels like to be left out) it’s not right to buy stuff for everyone except for one person. Their excuse is he works and has a job but the real reason is simply that my mother doesn’t like him  and that’s one of the ways she asserts control, dominance, and punishes those she doesn’t like, by exclusion, and control with $$$ and my hubby is “afraid” of her and doesn’t have the “balls” to stand up to her.She also said that I “should have learned by now” and “not still f*ck up everything after almost 50 YRS” but my “problem” is that I “never listen”…basically meaning that I don’t do what she tells me to do and I’ve always had my own mind and been a “free spirit” that she can’t manipulate and control and she hates that. She’s such a bitch I can truly see why my father left her, she’s a very hard person to live with or even barely tolerate!

I want a new life.

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