I Need This In My Life!!

screen-shot-10-29-16-at-11-58-am-001 Oh, my God I just love this so much and wish I could have it! It’s an amazing hand-made Bob Marley soft stuffed doll made by Tusy Toys in Russia. The problem is though that it costs 450$….waaaay out of my league, but isn’t it the most awesomest ( is that even a real word?) thing ever? They make the dolls of all sorts of musicians and they’re pretty big,too, but soooooo expensive. Too bad though. I need this in my life. If I had it, it would sit proudly on my bed, right on my pillows.

Add it to my Wish List.

Run Away.

screen-shot-10-28-16-at-10-45-am I wish I could just run away.

Run away from my toxic family that hates and mistreats me.

Run away from this place that I hate.

Run away from my unhappiness.

Run away  from my loneliness and despair.

Run away  from my brokenness, pain, trauma,failure, defeat, and self-loathing.

Run away from how I look and feel.

Run away  from everything that makes me me.

Run away from my life.

Run away from myself.

Just run away….

and keep running.