The Loaner.

screen-shot-10-31-16-at-09-02-am This is our loaner car while our van is in the shop for repair. It even has heated seats and steering wheel! Oooh, how swank! It’s a different model than ours, but still has 7 seats like ours, and it oddly has a Quebec license plate! The kids don’t like it and think it’s “ugly” because it’s white(?????) but I think it looks nice,and it looks new,too. Ours won’t be ready until the 11th as the damage is extensive. The part didn’t arrive until yesterday and it’s been at least a couple of weeks since the accident so now it can finally get fixed at long last. I’m just glad that we have a car in the meantime; can you imagine going that long without one?

As well, yesterday the oldest and the 18 YR old in Edmonton sent me smart-alecky e-mails on “Satan’s Day” with the message: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! MAY SATAN’S DARKNESS BLESS YOU AND GUIDE YOU ON THIS HOLY DAY. to get me all riled up ,and when I was walking Buddy a neighbour also wished me a “Happy Hallowe’en!” so I just told her, “We don’t celebrate that!” Ugh.  I’m just so glad that’s over for another YR! I also had a dream last night I was supposed to move back to my old Toronto house( again) and kept waiting,and waiting, and waiting,and days passed, and it turned out my mother had made an offer but the current owners never responded to it yet….I wonder if it’s symbolic of me in real life praying to God every night to die? I ask Him to take my life as I’m just waiting  to die…..yet nothing happens…it’s like I make an “offer” and He doesn’t reply…and so I wait…

I also had an argument with my friend F ( who I have known since we were 12 and he’s now an accountant) on Facebook: he was mad at one of his FB friends who posted they immigrated here but regret it due to the too-high taxes and he told them if they don’t like it to go back where they came from( sounding like the rhetoric from a racist redneck Canadian even though he’s an immigrant himself; he moved here from China with his family when he was a kid!) and I agreed with his other friend; taxes here are way too high(we are one of the most highest taxed countries in the world) and it’s not uncommon for immigrants to move here and then become disillusioned and regret it once they arrive and find out that it’s not what they’d expected, thought it was, or were led to believe(I know someone who hated it and went back after only a few months, and another who stayed but hates the racism she faces); it’s not the wonderful place it makes itself out to be and thinks it is, and portrays itself out to be to prospective immigrants,with the high taxes, unaffordable housing and living costs, police abuses, treatment of Native people, blatant racism , prevalent anti-immigration attitudes, Fascist Nanny-State gov’t. and policies, etc. and many new immigrants regret their decision and want to go back but they have no $$$$ to as they spent it all to come  here so they’re just stuck…..

….and then he rips into me saying, “Canada’s not good enough for you?”(actually, no, it’s not, and I was thinking more along the lines of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or the Caribbean) and “If you don’t like it, then move” and I said I wish I could but I can’t afford to move,and he says it’s due to “poor $$$$ management” and NOT due to taxes or the country…..uh, excuse me? It’s NOT poor $$$ management(we don’t even have $$$ to manage!) when mortgage or rent takes 50% of people’s income,monthly  hydro bills are 600$, and income tax takes 40%; no one can afford to live! I half-expected him to un-friend me, even though it’s childish to un-friend someone just because you disagree with them, but he did un-friend a mutual friend of ours over a disagreement last YR.but so far he hasn’t….sheesh….some people…and you’d think he’d be more understanding to other immigrants,too!

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