Bob Marley Calendar.

screen-shot-11-01-16-at-11-20-am Even though I’ll have my hippo calendar(Christmas gift) for my bedroom wall I still wanted a Bob Marley calendar for the wall next to my computer at my computer desk in the rec-room. I have this little corner there with my computer, I liken it to my little “office space” and desk and I have a wall on the left side I can hang it so when my hubby was out I had him look for one for me and he said he did but that no one had any, not even the calendar kiosk in the mall which I found hard to believe, and he said to just order it online……so I checked it out…..except then with shipping the 17$ calendar quickly became a 27$ calendar…


So I decided to go to the mall( in a small town nearby) in the next couple of days and look myself  and see if I had any better luck, esp. since women are “keener” shoppers than men, plus, the kiosk may have had more deliveries since. Then my hubby decides right then and there “Hurry, up, let’s go!” “We’re going NOW!”(and said may NOT have time later) so I went,in a rush, problem was that it was 3 HRS after I’d ingested my cannabis oil and it was  starting to hit me hardboom! I suddenly found myself dazed, disoriented, confused, and lost in a mall that was small and that I knew well, but now I felt like a frightened toddler, who’d wandered off and gotten lost. I for the life of me couldn’t find stores I was looking for and had trouble finding stores I knew well, and kept going ’round and ’round back to the same places, and a few times I honestly thought I was going to pass out as well so I had to quickly sit down on a bench.I kept getting lost and on the verge of passing out.

Long story short,did end up finding the Bob Marley calendar myself, and it was at the calendar kiosk, afterall, and with tax it was just over 20$….sure alot better than 37$! I have to say that being high and alone disoriented at the mall was a scary experience though(it’s probably what having dementia must be like!),and in the van on the way there and back my hubby knewwas(Originally I wasn’t  supposed to go to the mall until 2 more days) as I was hallucinating, laughing at my own jokes, having trouble putting my shoes on, incl. putting one on the wrong foot, forgetful, and he referred to me as being “wasted” and made a snide remark about, “Can you afford to ‘fry’ any more brain cells?” so he obviously knew that I was , and I don’t think that he’d ever seen me high before(I always try to “time” it for when he’s not around but this time he popped a sudden surprise on me and changed it and my schedule). I think this was the first time he’s ever seen me high.